Best BIOS Settings for Gaming

Best BIOS Settings for Gaming

When you have the best working computer, you will enjoy the best-undisturbed gaming experience. As a gamer, there are more than one things that can help in making your gaming PC quickly responsive, part of which is utilizing the best BIOS settings for gaming.

This post is developed to grease the wheel on everything you should know about the BIOS setting for gaming and which is best for you. At the end of this post, you will be well-equipped with all the necessary information to make your PC well-working all the time

Before we go into the real meat of this post, what exactly are BIOS settings and their significant function?

BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input/Output System.

It is simply a type of computer program – firmware – which is used for booting computer devices and performing various startup procedures when you start the computer. BIOS is a set of computer instructions that control all its output and input operations.

In other words, it works professionally to keep your PC’s basic operations working properly. BIOS setting has a test named “POST (Power-On Self-Test)” that intelligently shows whether your computer meets up all the requirements for the boot or not.

This is why your computer starts up a beeping sound of malfunctioning when it does not meet up all the boot requirements.

Now there are varying types of BIOS settings as per the scope and function. The general two types are the UEFI BIOS and Legacy BIOS.

They work differently and are needed for varying operations in the computer. Our focus is to know which BIOS setting is best for gaming. For us to be able to give a verdict, let’s see what UEFI BIOS and Legacy BIOS stand for.

Types of BIOS Settings


What is The Best BIOS Settings for Gaming

It means Unified Extensible Firmware Interface BIOS as seen in modern-day computers. It does the same job as BIOS but can handle drives that are almost 2.2 TB or ever larger than these.

In addition, UEFI is an update to traditional BIOS. That is, it supports larger hard drives, quicker boot times, offers more security features, and more graphics and mouse cursor options.

It comes with the GUID Partition Table technique instead of the Master Boot Record to provide the computer with all the instructions. In a nutshell, UEFI provides faster boot time and offers security like “Secure Boot” that disallows PC from booting from unauthorized applications.

2. Legacy BIOS

BIOS Settings for Gaming

Legacy Basic Input Output System is present on the older motherboards.

It is an operation in the computer’s turning on and the basic coordination among different parts of the PC.  This one comes with text-only menus in its startup options which is a limitation, unlike the UEFI.

This one also stores a list of installed storage devices that are bootable e.g Floppy Disk Drives, Hard Disk Drives, etc. according to a configurable order of priority.

What Are The Best Bios Settings for Gaming?

With this knowledge, you can see that you can easily change the BIOS setting of your PC to make your computer meet all your requirement for a better gaming experience.

In other words, the best BIOS setting for your gaming will depend upon your needs and preferences. However, since gaming is more about the accuracy, fastness, preciseness, and swift response, you would want to go for some BIOS settings that can help your PC boot faster.

This will not only help in ensuring the best gaming experience but will also save your time. The truth is that you can not do a specific BIOS setting to make your PC best for gaming. But you can do some things via BIOS and utilize whatever functionality you want for playing your games on PC without disturbance or interruption.

There are some things you can do that will surely help you enhance your gaming experience without any iota of doubt: You can update your motherboard drivers, Increase your keyboard response time, Increase fan speed or over-clock your RAM.

Why a Good BIOS Setting Is Important For Gaming?

Now you may ask: why is BIOS setting important for gaming? Do all gamers worry about the BIOS setting of their PC?

Well, for any type of computer’s operations, and not just gaming, the BIOS setting is quite crucial. In the same vein, to have a very good gaming experience, you need a perfectly working PC at any cost.

This is where BIOS importance comes in because it is what makes sure everything in your computer works properly through its POST test. And, as mentioned earlier, BIOS manages a wide range of settings for your PC’s hard disk which actually assists in storing data more effectively.

So when it comes to the proper functioning of your PC, especially for gaming, BIOS is very important. This is why you should know the types of BIOS settings and which is best for gaming.

Not only these, but there are also many areas where BIOS settings are important, and if you are just getting familiar with the settings, you should have basic knowledge of these areas.

For example, before your computer gets totally ready to take over from BIOS and prepares to start loading and booting up the OS operations, the BIOS is what intelligently loads all the operating systems directly into the PC memory.

In addition, not only does the BIOS setting helps in the computer booting up, there are some helpful low-level drivers provided by the BIOS that properly coordinates all the parts of the computer. That is, from the passing of messages from one PC component to another to effectively coordinating the computer, the BIOS plays a vital role.


Although, it might not be always necessary to update your BIOS settings often. But now that you are aware of the best BIOS settings for gaming, I must warn you that installing a new version is more chancy than updating the existing one.

We have been able to cover what BIOS setting means, how it is important to have the best BIOS setting for gaming, and which type actually works best for gaming.

I plan to write an extensive article soon on how you can go about implementing some of the helpful settings listed above, so you may want to subscribe to the newsletter to get updated once it drops.

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