FIFA 22 Player Count

FIFA 22 Player Count

Despite the competition from FPS and battle-royale games, football simulation games still get millions of players monthly. FIFA 22 is one of the most commonly played football simulation games; this sports game was published by Electronic Arts.

Millions of soccer fans worldwide, including some of the biggest celebrities and football stars, play FIFA 22. Having seen the popularity of this video game, many people have quizzed to know the number of people playing FIFA 22.

If you want to know how many people play FIFA 22, then you are reading the right post. This article will show you the FIFA 22 live player count.

How Many People Are Playing FIFA 22 Right Now?

There are 87,250 people playing FIFA 22 concurrently on all platforms. EA revealed that the game had over 9 million players on all supported platforms and consoles.

They also disclosed that players created 7.6 million Ultimate team squads, and more than 460 million matches have been played. However, EA has yet to disclose the month of the daily player count for FIFA 22.

SteamCharts has the data of players who play FIFA 22 on Steam. At the time of writing, the highest number of players playing FIFA 22 concurrently on Steam is 108,168. The average number of players playing FIFA 22 on Steam is around 9,000 to 15,801.

The numbers on the SteamCharts show that FIFA 22 is losing players gradually, and the downtrend is expected to continue further in the next months as a new update, FIFA 23, has been launched.

See the table below for the FIFA 22 monthly player count:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days3,598,306239,887
October 20234,087,591272,506
September 20234,572,250304,817
August 20234,948,322329,888
July 20234,953,275330,218
June 20235,033,816335,587
May 20235,118,268341,217
April 20235,156,633343,775
March 20234,935,168329,011
February 20235,218,513347,900
January 20235,779,411288,970
December 20225,626,091281,304
November 20225,409,040270,452
October 20227,332,054366,602
September 20227,105,541355,277
August 20227,015,478350,774
July 20226,805,188340,259
June 20227,250,114362,506
May 20227,605,453380,273
April 20227,163,921477,595
March 20227,832,275783,228
February 20227,317,228731,723
January 20227,335,133489,009
December 20217,850,114785,011

Despite the declining player population for FIFA 22, the FIFA series has the upper hand over other sports games. FIFA has sold more units than Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) combined.

The top countries playing FIFA 22 include:

  • United States.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Russia.
  • France.
  • Brazil.

About FIFA 22

FIFA 22 was published on October 1, 2021, by Electronic Arts. In this football simulation game, players can choose between different football teams, including national teams and football clubs from different locations all over the world.

FIFA 22 contains some of the best football clubs, leagues, and players. Players can set matches between countries and clubs as well as customize their teams. Each team has a uniform, and you can customize your team, select your favorite players, and set your preferred formation and starting lineup.


You can play FIFA 22 online or offline. When you play online, you play a ranked match and compete with other people playing FIFA 22 on their consoles. However, you will play against the computer-controlled teams in a friendly match or football tournament if you choose the offline game mode.

All matches are played on grass fields between two teams of eleven players. As with any football game, there are rules in FIFA 22, some of which attract sanctions. Pulling, pushing, or holding an opponent is a foul and a card offense. Other fouls include handling the ball with your arms, rough tackling, kicking, tripping another player, or any form of violent content.

FIFA 22 is played in more than 200 countries. The game contains over 30 football leagues, 100 stadiums, and 17,000 licensed players.

Where Can I Play FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 is popularly played by millions of football fans over the world. You can play FIFA 22 on any of these platforms:

  • Xbox One.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • PlayStation 5.
  • Nintendo Switch.
  • Microsoft Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Are Playing FIFA 22?

More than 10 million people have played FIFA 22 since its release in October 2022. More than 3.1 million individual teams were created within a month of release.

How Many People Play FIFA 22 Daily?

Over 300,000 to 650,000 play FIFA 22, on average, across all supported platforms and systems.

How Much Has FIFA 22 Made?

FIFA 22 has made more than $750 million from sales which is more than the income made by its predecessor.

Is FIFA 22 Dead?

FIFA 22 isn’t dead yet, but the player population is dropping. This is expected because the release of new series will cause the previous series to become outdated.


FIFA 22 is a great football simulation game to play on your console. EA has a reputation for releasing a new FIFA game every year and you can attest to this if you are a FIFA player. The game is easy to play; even if you are not a football player, you can get acquainted to the gameplay.

That’s all you need to know about the FIFA 22 player count. Consider reading other posts below.

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