Why Are Switch Games So Expensive?

Why Do Nintendo Games Never Drop In Price

Even if every other game studio in the market takes the edge off their price, it is obvious that switch games will almost never lower their game prices, even when the market is too saturated.

For a very long time, we have observed that the market factors that influence game prices do not seem to have an impact on all switch games. It is either they almost never drop in their prices, or their prices are way higher than the other game developers for their consoles.

But why so? Why do Nintendo switch games remain so expensive?

Having done deeper research on switch games, I have been able to put together some reasons why switch games seem to stand out from the rest, and how it has a rub off on their affordability.

First off, when we consider the research, development, and innovation that goes into the making of these games, the prices are worth it.

Apart from that, Switch games for so long have an edge over most video games in the industry because they have been able to maintain consistency with the overall quality of their products. In addition, their protection from piracy and unique hardware apparently cost more than other consoles.

Now, these are just sketchy reasons why Nintendo has been a major player in the video game market space, there are other significant and distinguishing factors that this post has been developed to expose you.

Reasons Why Nintendo Switch Games Are So Expensive?

So we are going to be looking into the significant reasons why Nintendo Switch games stay at their release price.

1. Continuous Innovation

Why Are Switch Games so Expensive

As mentioned earlier, a lot goes into the research and innovation of Switch games. This is one of the reasons why they are doing extremely well in the gaming industry.

Nintendo switch games are known to always deliver the best drawing from how heavily they invest in all their innovation.

If you have noticed, there is always a notable improvement in every new version of an existing game or console. And it is safe to refer this to as one of the chief reasons why Switch games so far have maintained sustained growth and high prices.

In the same light, it has made it free from the flinching control of the supply and demand market factors.

2. Quality and top-notch games

When it comes to the quality of games, switch games have always been consistent, upright, and firm. It has gotten to the solid point where as long as it is a game, it will eventually be a classic.

In other words, one of the reasons why they are so expensive or maintain release price is because it is hard to find a Nintendo Switch game that is not good.

Not only has it been able to successfully maintain the quality of its games since the first, but nearly all Switch consoles are also assured to offer the quality and fun that Nintendo is known for – if not all.

3. Heavy investment in production

Again, the hardware that forms the Nintendo Switch console is not made the way other consoles are made. This apparently will leave a mark on the affordability.

For instance, games like Xbox (which I earlier wrote about the best monitor for) and the PlayStation uses Blu-ray discs with a capacity of up to 50 gigabytes. But on the other side of the spectrum, Switch uses cards or cartridges of up 8 or 32 Gigabytes. Keep in mind that this concept is applied to all Nintendo consoles.

4. Trust, Excellence, and Legacy

If we should count the number of years in which Switch games have been at the forefront of the gaming industry, we are clearly looking at three decades. Throughout these years, it has been successful in creating some iconic characters for a whole generation of die-hard fans of the brand.

This is one solid reason why it doesn’t take an edge off its price. Also, the brand itself has a rich legacy of trust and excellence. That is,  Nintendo is one of the more trusted gaming console brands. This does not only a result of the value they deliver but also because of how their products match their price.

Personally, I have grown up to enjoy playing Mario, just like many others out there. I can tell you that even though everyone is not a fan, these amazing characters and games have been able to leave an element of nostalgia. There are other notable ones like Pokémon and the Super Smash Bros, which you are probably familiar with, as well.

And really, I think that is what makes Nintendo even more special when it comes down to preference.

4. No room for piracy

Why are Nintendo Switch Games Expensive

Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, it is very hard to create pirated copies of the original Nintendo switch games. This is because, unlike other games, switch games do not come in Blu-ray or other discs but rather a cartridge.

Secondly, Nintendo Switch games tend to bring their games in different formats, which is pretty much assuring that one will always get the original Nintendo Switch game cartridge in one’s hands.

So when you are sure you are paying for the original copy of the game, why would you bat an eyebrow when you hear the price?


All in all, we have seen that Switch games are expensive to manufacture, and that is why the prices are kept high. In addition, they hold their game cartridges with all shades of uniqueness because their cartridges are hardy and more resistant to damage than CDs or DVDs.

I should also reflect, as mentioned earlier, that Nintendo has a completely captive audience. So you can agree that if the demand never goes down, the prices should not go down either.

That brings us to the end of this post, and I hope you have been able to learn a lot about why Switch games are so expensive.

It is quite clear that Nintendo doesn’t want us to not buy physical games, and that is why they have kept the digital versions at the same price. While it is quite convincing to call this the best move, I would love to hear from you.

Are you still surprised that Nintendo switch games are still expensive, even after being in the gaming industry for a long time?

Let’s take the discussion to the comments. Thanks for reading.

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