Portable Monitors: Are They Worth The Money?

Portable Monitors

These days, people are looking for gadgets to enhance their experience while using the computer. A Portable monitor is a great gadget that can be connected to the computer for a better screen room. It is compact in size, which makes it a great investment for all computer users, including graphic designers, video creators & editors, gamers, writers, etc.

When it comes to working on a computer, it is better to have two monitors. As a gamer, a portable monitor can enhance your gaming experience. As a creative or graphic designer, this gadget can greatly touch up your designs as you get to visualize, compare & contrast anything you’re working on.

Are portable monitors worth the money? Many businessmen have added portable monitors to their list of office equipment. Probably, you don’t know what a portable monitor looks like and how it works. There is no need to worry as I will give you a piece of background information on what you should know about portable monitors.

Why Are Portable Monitors Expensive?

The market is saturated with lots of portable monitors from different brands and manufacturers. One of the factors that seemed to have deterred people from buying a portable monitor is the price. The prices of portable monitors vary from less than $100 to over $500 – depending on the brand and quality. But why are portable monitors costly?

To start with, portable monitors are created to be lightweight, compact, and efficient without compromising performance. Also, they are designed to be highly efficient in terms of power and energy consumption.

These devices are mostly powered by a USB cable, meaning that the cable must provide adequate electricity to power up both the screen and software.

Another reason that justifies the high price of portable monitors is that they are the preferred device for an extra screen. Normally, people would opt for another monitor or tablet.

What Is The Largest Portable Monitor?

You can always find portable monitors of different sizes, but the commonest of them are the ones with 12, 13.3, 15.6, and 17.3 inches. Just before you buy a portable monitor, you should think of what you intend to do with it and how compact you want it to be.

A portable monitor between 12 to 17 inches will be preferable for laptop users like the Deco Gear 15.6 Portable monitor. Many PC users would like to match the portable display of the monitor with the screen size of their laptop. Nevertheless, you can get some models at 7 to 10 inches on the market, but these models are mostly for people with gaming consoles.

A bigger and larger monitor is better for gaming or streaming videos on the go. However, it is important to note that the weight will be heavier and the device will be less convenient to carry in your bag.

If your plan is to stream and watch videos, then you will need a large portable monitor. The largest portable monitor you can get on the market right now is 17.3 inches. If you are looking for a large-sized portable monitor, you can check out the Cocopar Z173FH7F and the USB-powered AOC e1759Fwu 17-inch Ultra Slim Portable Monitor.

What Are The Things You Can Do With a Portable Monitor?

There are lots of things you can achieve using a portable monitor. Regardless of your job, this electronic device can be used for any job you need it for. It is versatile and this is why it is used by different sets of people today.

The most common use of a portable monitor is to set up a dual-screen system anywhere and anytime. Most digital and computer-based jobs in the world today which require multiple monitor setups are immobile. This makes portable monitors the ideal solution for any computer user who wants to work on the go.

An exciting thing you can do with this device is to keep your family entertained during road trips and travel. You simply connect the monitor to your smartphone and allow your kids to watch videos and movies while you control the stuff they watch.

Also, you can easily show your colleagues or friends anything on your portable monitor while you work on your main laptop. Your colleagues or friends can watch films, view photos, listen to music, and read your documents and files without interrupting the work you’re doing on your main laptop.

As an avid gamer, you can use your portable monitor as a large screen display when playing your favorite smartphone games. You can connect your mobile phone to the monitor in several ways, and you can also use an external controller for the best gaming experience. This makes your gameplay more fun, especially while you are traveling.


How To Connect A Portable Monitor To Your Laptop

How To Connect Portable Monitor To Laptop

Connecting your laptop to a portable monitor is an easy task, there’s no installation required. Most portable monitors are designed with a USB port which makes it simple for you to connect to your computer or laptop.

Most times, it is a USB-C connection and in some cases, it comes with a mini-HDMI for better high-definition and vivid, clear images. The connection process will be smoother especially if your laptop uses Windows.

All that you need to do to pair the portable monitor to your laptop is to plug in the USB cable from your monitor to your screen. After that, install the monitor drivers on your laptop. Once that is done, you can select the 2nd screen option on your laptop depending on your requirements. This setting is suitable and convenient for watching films, viewing presentations, or having an extended screen for general use.

In case your monitor doesn’t come with a USB cable, you can get it from online stores like Amazon. You can also connect multiple portable monitors to your laptop but you may have to purchase extra cables for the HDMI and USB ports.


Conclusively, having a portable monitor can make your life easier, it can make your work better, and more productive than traditional monitors. A portable monitor remains a versatile and useful device for anyone to have.

Working from home seemed to be a struggle for most people during the pandemic. But spending on an extra monitor made work more fun and better for them. If you are an entrepreneur, office worker, gamer, writer, creative designer, or general computer user, you might consider getting this device to enhance your work.

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