What is ADS in Gaming?

What is ADS in Gaming

ADS in gaming means “Aiming down sight”. It is a game acronym that is common among gamers.

In gaming, ADS is when you change into sight mode with your weapon as the player for much better accuracy when shooting. ADS is usually used in FPS games such as Call of Duty, Delta force, etc.

Aiming down sight is not as easy and quick as its opposite – “Hip fire”. The Hip fire (or shooting from the hip) mode is when semi-automatic weapons and shotguns in gaming have a large area of spray.

Aiming down sight is more accurate but not as easy as hip fire. You probably might have heard pro players say stuff like: “I notice that I play better with hip fire than ADS.”

You don’t have to bat an eyebrow… “Ads??” ADS is just one of the many gaming jargons that means Aiming down sight.

Now, if you play a lot of First Person Shooter games such as the likes of PUBG and Call of Duty, you really want to take these two gaming techniques seriously as they can influence your gaming performance.

Whichever mode you decide to fire with actually depends on the situation. I usually advise that when gaming, if you are in a building, it is better to hip fire.

Aiming down sight actually slows your movement and speed way down.

So if you want to save your life so bad when gaming, it is advised to go hip firing.

In the rest of this post, I will be sharing with you more on the techniques of Aiming down sight when gaming, as compared to Hip firing. Which is the most accurate? Under what conditions should you switch?

Read on to find out.

ADS VS Hip fire, Which is best?

FPS games like PUBG require some skills when it comes to firing. Your Firing skills will pretty much tell how you will last and succeed in the game. 

One of the areas a lot of gamers tend to muse on is whether to use ADS or just Hipfire. Which of them actually increases your level of accuracy?

Particularly, I like the way most of these games have their unique mechanics when it comes to shooting. In shooting games, you have a wide variety of weapons, and also a number of attachments that add to your firing accuracy and stability. 

As I mentioned earlier, there are majorly two ways of shooting in most FPS games, the first is Hipfire and the second is ADS. And as you now know, ADS means Aiming down sight, while Hipfiring is when your weapons in gaming have a large area of spray.

But which among them is most accurate? Let’s begin by knowing more about ADS – aim down sight.

Aim(ing) down sight

What Does ADS Mean In Gaming

When you ADS, you fire with a scope that is attached to your weapon. Some weapons like the AR (Assault Rifle) will have a modified scope with the attached Red Dot Sight and Holographic Sight

When aiming down sight, you want to make sure that you have the thumb for it. Your thumb has to be agile enough especially when you are in the scenario of an ambush. 

ADS shooting can be a little tricky and time-consuming because you will have to first tap the lock-on icon first, then start firing.

I use the ADS firing most times, and I can tell you that the recoil is stable enough, straight upwards, and doesn’t spread to the left and right. It makes shooting very accurate.

But is it better off than Hip firing? Let’s find out.

Hip fire – shooting from the hip

What Does ADS Mean In Gaming

In Hipfire, you fire away without aiming first. Here, you don’t tap on the lock-on icon as you will see your character on the screen while shooting.

To be very honest, this technique is faster and easier than ADS. But when it comes to the accuracy outcome, it may be a little tough to maintain the same verdict.

When standing on the shooting range, and then firing away without aiming at the target at a 10M distance, you will see that the accuracy rate scatters when you spray your fire.

If you are not really good at aiming, you can even almost miss the target. 

If your target is far enough, it is not recommended to use the Hipfire.

Final Words 

Now that you know what ADS means, and how it is greatly involved in your firing skills as a gamer, you should be very smart on how you shoot on ads and fire, especially during an intense gaming session.

After considering these factors, I have come to the conclusion that whatever mode you choose to fire with when gaming depends on three-four factors actually

The first one is how far away your target is because targets that are 20 or 30 meters away can only be hit accurately when you aim down sight.

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