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Valorant is an addictive first-person shooter game that has pulled in millions of people from different parts of the globe. The game shares similar features to Counter-Strike: Go but features several effects and offers players more advanced weapons.

If you are wondering if people still play Valorant, you are correct. Valorant still gets tons of players thanks to its fantastic gameplay, graphics, and impeccable quality.

In this post, we will share with you the latest Valorant player count. This figure will help you to gauge the game’s popularity in the gaming community. Before that, let’s have a brief introduction to what Valorant is about.

About Valorant

Valorant was developed and created by Riot Games and released in June 2020. It was created using Unreal Engine. The game received attention from the public and became a fan favorite quickly due to the pandemic.

Valorant is a free first-person shooting game for Microsoft Windows and is only available for Windows PC. If you played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you could tell that Valorant is an upgraded version of it. However, players get better weapons, shields, and tools.

There are 12 game characters to choose from. Every character has special abilities, skills, and powers that make that unique from other characters. The Valorant characters include:

  • Raze.
  • Reyna.
  • Breach.
  • Phoenix.
  • Jett.
  • Cypher.
  • Sova.
  • Sage.
  • Killjoy.
  • Omen.
  • Viper.
  • Brimstone.

The characters are created based on various nations and global cultures. The players are designated in the primary game mode to either the defending or attacking team.

A standard non-ranked mode is increasingly common, and matches played are as many as 25 rounds. The first team that wins 13 rounds is the champion.

Every attacking team has a device known as ‘Spike’, and they must deliver and activate it on any specified site in the game.

If the attacking team successfully shields the activated device for 45 seconds, it detonates, and everything in the area will be destroyed. On the other hand, if the timer expires without the attacking team activating the device or if the defending team successfully deactivates the device, then the defending team will be awarded a point.

Valorant Player Count

How Many People Are Playing Valorant Right Now?

There are over 784,426 people playing Valorant right now. Below is the chat data of players over the previous months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days22,415,8261,494,388
October 202323,109,0991,540,607
September 202324,689,2081,645,947
August 202325,479,0591,698,604
July 202325,176,9361,678,462
June 202324,659,0951,643,940
May 202322,949,3671,529,958
April 202323,180,2421,545,349
March 202322,703,4691,513,565
February 202322,149,7261,476,648
January 202323,315,5011,554,367
December 202223,014,4872,301,449
November 202222,140,7892,214,079
October 202222,501,4452,250,145
September 202221,988,0402,198,804
August 202221,360,2842,064,827
July 202220,760,2602,006,825
June 202220,262,1551,958,675
May 202220,620,5841,993,323
April 202220,511,5871,982,787
March 202220,265,7931,959,027
February 202220,043,7641,937,564
January 202219,533,4651,888,235
December 202119,025,7041,839,151
November 202118,266,1241,765,725
October 202118,609,0141,798,871
September 202119,176,1581,853,695
August 202118,580,1291,796,079
July 202119,911,2911,924,758
June 202119,359,1191,871,382
May 202119,220,4811,857,980
April 202118,806,2601,817,938
March 202118,535,7481,791,789
February 202118,270,5401,766,152
January 202120,616,1441,679,415
December 202017,887,0191,729,079
November 202018,015,7341,741,521
October 202018,417,9691,780,404
September 202018,547,6441,792,939
August 202020,760,1442,006,814
July 202020,616,1441,992,894

Based on active participation, Valorant gets more players from people in the following countries:

  • United States.
  • Brazil.
  • Turkey.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Canada.
  • The Philippines.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.

Keep in mind that these numbers are estimated data generated from our data sources and shouldn’t be used as a factual reference. The player count can change anytime as Valorant players from different parts of the world start and end their gaming sessions.

In January 2023, Valorant received 18 million players, which is good news because the game is only a few years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Valorant on Steam?

At this time, Valorant is not available on Steam. If you want to play Valorant, you must use a Windows PC and download their app.

Is Valorant down?

Valorant isn’t down right now.

Is Valorant dead?

Valorant isn’t dead and isn’t showing any signs of declining. Rather, the player count is increasing every month, and with new content and updates, the growth is expected to continue.

Valorant is one of the most watched and streamed games on Twitch. Many top streamers and gamers play Valorant, making players less likely to ditch the game.

How many people play Valorant every day?

Over 600,000 to 1 million people play Valorant every day.


Valorant offers interesting gameplay and content. Moving forward, I expect to see more. We will continue to update the Valorant player count, so you can refresh this new to see the latest records.

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