What Stylus Can I Use On My Samsung Galaxy S7?

What Stylus Can I Use On My Samsung Galaxy S7

When it comes to a stylus one of the most common questions is: Will it work on my Galaxy S7? The answer isn’t always yes. In fact, most styluses out there won’t work on your Samsung Galaxy S7. Not because they’re not good but because they need certain features that are on the Galaxy S7. The goal of this post is to break down those features and recommend which styluses you should use.

Are you considering getting a stylus for your Samsung Galaxy S7? There are different brands and varieties of stylus pens to choose from. However, it is important for you to choose the best stylus for your smartphone.

You can turn your Galaxy S7 into a powerful art tool by using a durable stylus with a smooth tip on it. A good stylus doesn’t require a lot of pressure and will never scratch the screen of your Android device. The Samsung Galaxy phone and its accessories don’t come for cheap so don’t use a stylus that will scratch the screen or harm the phone.

In this article, you will know if there are stylus pens that are compatible with the Galaxy S7 and if there are, you will find out some of the best stylus pens for Samsung Galaxy phones.

Before we get started, we need to know what a stylus is.

A stylus pen is a tool that is used for drawing, writing, pointing, swiping, signing, and doing any activity on the touchscreen of tablets and phones.

Can I Use a Stylus On Samsung Galaxy S7?

The Galaxy S7 model boasts impressive quality and supreme features, and it is an upgrade to the previous models. If you have the S7 device, you have a top-quality phone with superior performance.

What Stylus To Use On Samsung Galaxy S7

The S7 is compatible with a lot of accessories that all smartphones aren’t. In fact, you can use both active and passive stylus pens on this device.

So which type of stylus do you choose for this smartphone?

Active Stylus Pen

The active stylus pen comes with several features such as built-in memory, and an electronic eraser coupled with great pressure sensitivity levels. One of the best and most remarkable features of the active pen is the palm rejection feature. This means that the pen will not allow your hand to interfere with the work on the screen.

The active stylus pens typically have a thin tip with electronic components. The pressure exerted by the user determines the style of drawing or writing with this pen. Overall, they have powerful internal components and features that you will not see in the passive stylus pens.

Passive Stylus Pen

The passive stylus pen on the other hand is referred to as the capacitive stylus. They are different from the active pens and do not have the electronic components that you find in the active pens. Hence, there is no communication between the stylus and the device.

Passive stylus pens typically allow you to write conveniently on your touchscreen. They have an electric charge, which works the same way you apply your finger to the screen of your device.

Active and passive styluses aren’t the same. There are some differences that you should know between them to enable you to make an informed decision when getting a stylus for your Galaxy S7.

Differences Between The Active and Passive Stylus

Below are some differences and disparities between the active and passive stylus pens:

1. Differences in Accuracy

The active pen has a different kind of tip from the passive models. The stylus tip on the active pens is more precise and accurate than the ones on the passive models. The tip of the active stylus pens has to be changed when the capacity goes to zero but this is not the case for passive pens. In fact, the passive pens are made with a hollow tip and they are not designed for drawing.

2. Working Differences

Unlike active pens, the passive stylus pens do not have electronic components in them and they work the way you operate the screen with the tip of your finger. In addition, active stylus pens have electronic signals and they have more features than passive ones.

3. Nib Diameter Differences

The diameter of the active pens is 3mm only whereas that of the passive pens is expandable up to 6mm.

What is the Best Stylus Pen For Samsung Galaxy S7?

Best Stylus for Samsung Galaxy G7

The following stylus pens are considered the best for Galaxy S7 and other Android phones:

Is The Galaxy Note S-Pen Compatible With the Galaxy Tab S7?

You can use the Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen with the Galaxy S7 Tab but there are some things to keep in mind. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 Plus already includes the S-Pen. But what if you have a Galaxy Note smartphone? Will it be possible to use the Note S-Pen with the Galaxy Tab S7?

It may surprise you that the Galaxy Note S-Pen is compatible with some of the best Android tablets. When you get the to FAQ section of the S-Pen for the Note 20 on the Samsung website, you will discover that this pen isn’t designed to work with any other device asides from the Note 20.

However, since the Note S-Pen and the one that comes with the Tab S7 use the same technology, it is likely that the Note S-Pen will work. So, you should be able to interact with your favorite apps, scroll down through web pages and take down notes with them.

Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen

But unfortunately, there are some limitations …

You cannot use the S-Pen for everything. You can run into some issues if you decide to capitalize on the Air Actions. Samsung came up with new gesture controls for the Note 20, and this could be a deal-breaker for people who plan to seize the opportunity of controlling the Galaxy Tab S7 with the Note S-Pen.

As you know, the Note S-Pen is very versatile. The manufacturer integrated a quick and easy way for users to access the various features of the pen using shortcut buttons. You can tap the shortcut button on the side of the S-Pen on your Tab S7 or Note 20 to see the overview screen of the S-Pen. From this point, you can make a note, create a Live message or write anything on your touchscreen.

Even if you cannot use the gestures from the Samsung Note S-Pen, you can easily access this panel.

Active Stylus By BoxWave Accupoint Active Stylus

BoxWave Accupoint Active Stylus

The Samsung Galaxy BoxWave Accupoint Pen weighs around 1.3 ounces and requires batteries. It has a powerful battery life of over 12 hours and you don’t need to turn on the Bluetooth of your device to use this stylus.

Aside from the trouble-free pairing, there is a button that turns on the device with a single touch. Also, you should have a quick electronic pulse interaction with your touchscreen when using this stylus pen. Moreover, it has a natural pressure sensation, which allows you to adjust your grip and writing position easily.  

It features a tip size of 2mm, which is ultra-fine and smooth. The smooth tip of this stylus allows you to swipe, tap, or draw on your screen with ease. You will find a standard charging source and a micro USB cable when you get this device.

To crown it all, it comes with the palm rejection feature, which prevents your hand from interrupting the work while pointing, drawing, or writing using this pen. It features the Accupoint pressure sensitivity levels, which is an additional bonus for you.

Passive Stylus by Adonit Dash 3

Adonit Dash 3

The Adonit Dash 3 is one of the best passive stylus pens you can find on the market. It is compatible with several devices – including tablets, Android, iOS, Mac, and other devices. The Dash 3 stylus happens to be one of the best styluses for iPad mini 4.

It has a built-in battery and a USB charging port. When connected to a charging source, it emits a red light and when the battery is fully charged, the pen will show a green light. It pairs with any device easily and doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection to be used on any tablet or smartphone. The pen has a clip that you can use to carry it around in your pocket.

It features a one-button option for turn on and it displays an LED blue light, which indicates that the pen is on. There is an improved tip that gives you a natural, paper-like feel while dragging the pen across the touchscreen of your device.

The Adonit Dash 3 was made in Taiwan and it has a warranty period of 12 months. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are durable and long-lasting. In fact, this stylus assures you of over 14 hours of battery life. The pen is likely to last longer than 14 hours if you don’t use it frequently.

Overall, this is a highly responsive pen for students, teachers, artists, crafters, and entrepreneurs. You will have a great experience when you use this pen.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use S-Pen On Non-Samsung Devices?

The Samsung S-Pen is designed with unique hardware, and it will only work with a note display. Moreover, it gives you an accurate precision tip and it is not compatible with other touchscreen devices. The reason why they work only on Samsung devices is that they don’t have electrical conductors.

Can I Use a Stylus Pen On Other Android Devices?

There are stylus pens that are compatible with numerous Android devices with a capacitive touchscreen. The capacitive screen work like the fingertips and they do not require batteries to be used. Having a capacitive pen saves you the headache of recharging.

What is the Major Difference Between Active and Passive Stylus Pens?

The major difference between active and passive stylus pens is the technology that allows them to be used across touchscreen devices. Although passive pens are cheaper than active ones, however, active pens have more features than passive ones.

Moreover, the active styluses are touch-sensitive and they are mostly preferred by artists because they are more precise and accurate.

What is the Difference Between Digital and Stylus Pens?

Digital pens are typically thicker than stylus pens. Virtually all active pens have internal electronic components but digital pens do not. In fact, it is impossible to use digital pens across any paper surface. Additionally, digital pens are cheaper than stylus than standard stylus pens and they have broad compatibility with many touchscreen devices.

What is the Average Battery Life of Active and Passive Stylus Pens?

10 hours is the average battery timing of the active stylus pens. Also, active pens can be used continuously for a period of 10 hours or more. All the stylus pens mentioned in this post have strong battery life. For instance, the Adonit Dash 3 pen can conveniently serve and last any user for over 14 hours of use.


If you are looking for a stylus for your Samsung Galaxy S7, you have come to the right place! Whether you want the best stylus for drawing, sketching or writing, or one that can be used on glass or touchscreens, this post will help you pick out the best stylus for your needs.

Over the past several years, styluses for mobile devices have gained in popularity. Nowadays, with the release of each new tablet or smartphone, we often see corresponding styluses for them. In this post, we talked about some styluses that can be used on the Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Samsung lists the S-Pen as its official stylus, but it’s not always possible to find or use. Thankfully, we’ve put together this guide on what stylus you can safely use on your phone if need be.

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