Splitgate Player Count

Splitgate Player Count

Are you interested in knowing how many people play Splitgate? Splitgate is a multiplayer FPS video game where players are rewarded for killing the enemy and defending their base. It was released back in May 2019 and has risen in popularity.

Splitgate’s player population is increasing, and the game is making its way into the gaming charts. The developers of Splitgate,1047 Games, have made it easy for players to play Splitgate on their computer, Xbox, or PlayStation consoles.

In this post, you will find why the Splitgate player base is growing. We will show you the live Splitgate player count to see how many people are playing the game concurrently.

How Many People Are Playing Splitgate?

 At the moment, there are 56,992 people playing Splitgate right now. The highest number of players playing Splitgate at the same time is 204,318.

See the table below for detailed reports of the player population in the previous months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days464,87730,992
October 2023522,21634,814
September 2023620,72541,382
August 2023667,44644,496
July 2023657,58243,839
June 2023641,54442,770
May 2023675,73645,049
April 2023661,68244,112
March 2023645,54343,036
February 2023626,74141,783
January 2023614,45240,963
December 2022589,605137,575
November 2022610,457142,440
October 2022650,544151,794
September 2022598,055139,546
August 2022647,450151,072
July 2022650,146151,701
June 2022875,650204,318
May 2022825,014192,503
April 2022775,650180,985
March 2022780,144182,034
February 2022791,004184,568
January 2022755,978176,395
December 2021762,183177,843
November 2021758,773177,047
October 2021776,657129,443
September 2021800,682133,447
August 2021793,797132,299
July 2021783,941130,657
June 2021770,527128,421
May 2021780,812130,135
April 2021771,463128,577
March 2021784,303130,717
February 2021795,853132,642
January 2021745,007124,168
December 2020768,810128,135
November 2020802,235133,706
October 2020755,775125,963
September 2020771,95077,195
August 2020765,34276,534
July 2020793,21879,322
June 2020809,78880,979
May 2020784,03578,404
April 2020774,02077,402
March 2020807,56680,757
February 2020798,12179,812
January 2020805,71180,571
December 2019803,19980,320
November 2019823,90582,390
October 2019874,41887,442

The top countries playing Splitgate include:

  • United States.
  • Mexico.
  • Canada.
  • Russia.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Germany.
  • Brazil.

About Splitgate

Splitgate is a multiplayer free-to-play FPS video game built on Unreal Engine; Ian Proulx and Nicholas Bagamian published it. The duo began working on the project as students at Stanford University.

Splitgate was originally released in May 2019 for Windows and Linux platforms. It can now be downloaded on Steam for different platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

In Splitgate, players receive points by capturing flags, protecting their base, and eliminating the opposing team members. Depending on your selected game mode, there are several ways to earn points in Splitgate.

Splitgate offers various game modes, including;

  • Team Deathmatch.
  • Capture the Flag.
  • King of the Hill.
  • Defend the Base.

Splitgate resolves around a Halo sci-fi battle where players create portals between two locations on the map. Also, players can travel through these portals.

Where Can I Play Splitgate?

Splitgate is available on the following devices.

  • Mac.
  • Microsoft Windows.
  • Linux.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • PlayStation 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Play Splitgate Every Day?

Splitgate receives over 73,553 players daily.

How Many People Play Splitgate Monthly?

The average monthly player count for Splitgate varies between 480,000 to 700,000 users.

How Many People Are Playing Splitgate Right Now?

Our data record proves that 45,363 people are playing Splitgate concurrently.

How Many Registered Players Does Splitgate Have?

Splitgate has around 800,000 registered players on its platforms.


Splitgate has managed to get the interest of many gamers on the internet. Although it didn’t perform well when it was originally released, the later versions got much attention. The version released in July 2021 got over 600,000 downloads, and with over 120,000 concurrent players, the game servers struggle to hold the traffic.

However, the story has changed, as Splitgate isn’t facing any traffic or server issues. So you won’t experience any issues should you play the game today.

We will keep updating the Splitgate player count every month for you to keep track of the player base and ascertain if it is growing. Ensure to check out the other games below.

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