Sea of Thieves Player Count

Sea of Thieves Player Count

Sea of Thieves is a popular action-adventure video game set on the sea. If you are looking for the best pirate games to play, this one will interest you.

Once you start your pirate career, you will be glued to the game. Sea of Thieves is played from the first-person perspective. Players can play solo or in a team of up to four players. Players can take on the role of a pirate who journeys from several trading companies.

Sea of Thieves is played by thousands of people all over the world. The game features bloody sea battles, sea storms, violent pirates, renegade captains, living skeletons, shattered ships, firing cannons, giant sharks, a kraken, and barrels of rum.

In this post, we will find out how many people are playing Sea of Thieves concurrently.

How Many People Are Playing Sea of Thieves Right Now?

There are 18,942 people playing Sea of Thieves concurrently on all platforms. The highest number of players playing Sea of Thieves on Steam at the same time is 66,632.

The table from SteamCharts below shows the Sea of Thieves monthly player population:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days8,265.721,815
October 202311,620.529,275
September 20237,851.327,144
August 20238,224.018,444
July 202312,742.722,576
June 20238,671.216,429
May 202311,134.824,438
April 202312,533.028,997
March 202312,742.641,364
February 202311,641.532,587
January 202312,140.024,862
December 202211,964.024,109
November 20229,686.027,236
October 20227,960.319,370
September 202210,809.335,683
August 202213,465.330,077
July 202213,975.425,102
June 202214,158.928,040
May 202211,701.925,846
April 202215,766.535,219
March 20229,814.720,724
February 202211,732.023,915
January 202215,721.636,840
December 202113,038.931,079
November 20217,987.321,496
October 20218,330.017,813
September 202110,290.925,817
August 202111,112.319,422
July 202121,719.350,314
June 202124,421.362,889
May 202113,472.643,761
April 202118,630.946,670
March 202110,706.022,070
February 202115,068.327,909
January 202121,555.252,916
December 202013,250.245,381
November 202010,692.527,087
October 20206,266.513,235
September 20209,681.426,959
August 202012,358.929,221
July 202021,810.359,104
June 202029,454.566,632

The top countries playing this game are:

  • United States.
  • Germany.
  • France.
  • Brazil.
  • United Kingdom.

About Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a 2018 video game developed by Rare. It was published by Microsoft Studios on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms. The game’s release was met with mixed reviews; it was praised for its stunning visual quality, ship combat, multiplayer, and physics but heavily criticized for gameplay and lack of content.

Sea of Thieves was a commercial success for Microsoft Corporation, attracting more than 30 million players as of June 2022. Players in the game assume the role of a pirate who explores the sea world. Players in the game collect coins (rewards) after completing voyage missions and seizing loot from other pirate ships on the sea.

Players can play sail across the sea solo or as crew member. The multiplayer game is also played from a first-person perspective, allowing players to use a pirate ship to say the open world sea. Since the game is set in an open world, players will meet each other frequently during their adventures; sometimes, they meet to form alliances, and other times, to combat each other.

PC games such as Rust, DayZ, and Eve Online inspired Sea of Thieves. Upon starting the game, players will be made to choose their procedurally generated player avatar. Players can complete voyages offered by the three main trading companies in the game. the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls,

Sea of Thieves

When players take on the missions offered by Gold Hoarders, they are given a riddle or treasure map to help them locate a treasure chest. The quests offered by Merchant Alliance demand players to haul animals or cargo to certain vendors within a specified amount of time. The Order of Souls voyages are combat missions that demand players to travel to specified islands to defeat waves of skeletons.

Apart from the three main trading companies, smaller factions exist in the game, but two of them (the Reaper’s Bones and the Hunter’s Call) do not offer any form of missions or quests.

The Reaper’s Bones will pay you for all kinds of treasures, and players can exchange emissary flags or special cursed treasures stolen from other pirate ships. On the other hand, the Hunter’s Call will reward players who bring cooked meat and fish, particularly from rarer types.

After collecting a treasure, players must deliver it to the representatives of the quest-giving faction. Any player holding the chest is defenseless at that point and risks losing it to other players.

Players earn gold after selling the treasure. The gold is further used in purchasing weapons, cosmetic items, and new sails for the ship. Also, players can purchase more cosmetic items, emotes, and pets from the Pirate Emporium store using real-world currency.

Players are conferred with the title of “pirate legend” after reaching a rank of 50 with any of the trading companies in the game. Pirate legends are granted access to new, exclusive cosmetic items, a special trading company known as “Athena’s Fortune” and the Tavern of Legends, a pirate hideout.

Players can explore the game’s open world solo or with other players. Players can find different resources such as coconuts, mangoes, and bananas, which will restore their health, coupled with wood planks, blunder bombs, firebombs, and cannonballs.

The game offers players with different weapons to defeat their enemies in combat. The weapons available for players include pistols, sniper rifles, blunderbusses, and cutlasses. Besides fighting, players can engage in activities like playing musical instruments and drinking at taverns.

Players may face shipwrecks and thunderstorms during their voyage. The game allows interaction between players via emotes or by using the in-game voice and text system.

Sea of Thieves is a great adventure game, but the gameplay is too repetitive and predictable. We’ll update this article regularly to help you keep track of the Sea of Thieves player count. See the posts below for more gaming content.

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