Why Does Hulu Keep Buffering on My TV? 10 Reasons

hulu won't stop buffering on my tv

Are you facing a problem streaming Hulu on your smart TV? The screen keeps buffering or freezing, and you are not able to watch the episode conveniently. If you are experiencing this, you might be wondering why does Hulu keep buffering on my TV?

Generally, Hulu buffering issues are quite common, regardless of the device. Whether you watch Hulu on Samsung, Roku, Android TV Box, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Mac, Windows computer, or any smartphone, this is common.

Let’s try to explore the reasons that are causing Hulu to buffer or freeze repeatedly.

Reasons for Hulu Buffering

When Hulu starts buffering on your devices, the reasons can be unstable internet issues, an outdated Hulu version, or an inappropriate WiFi connection. Other reasons can be incorrect network settings that might be blocking the app.

There might be an issue with the version of the web browser you are using to stream Hulu. Additionally, a corrupted Hulu crash can be causing the issue. Before you begin to fix Hulu on your TV, you need to figure out the actual reason that is causing the problem.

Let’s understand these reasons in detail, along with the fix.

Slow Internet Connection

To stream Hulu, you need uninterrupted internet connectivity. With a limited internet speed and ample bandwidth, you are not able to view Hulu. If your internet pack is limited, upgrade it to a better one so you can use uncapped data while streaming Hulu on your TV.

Outdated Operating System

An outmoded version of the operating system or the software can interrupt the smooth functioning of Hulu. In that case, buffering will take longer than usual, and you end up thinking, why isn’t Hulu working on my Mac operating system or another OS? Update the operating system or reinstall one.

Faulty Streaming Device

When Hulu keeps buffering on your smart TV, check if the TV is experiencing a technical glitch. There might be some wire-related issues, for example, a loose connection to the outlet or improper Ethernet cable connection.

Improper Functioning of Router 

How do I stop Hulu from freezing on my TV?

Routers are devices considered a gateway to the internet; these devices can sometimes display errors. Restating the router can fix any working issues with the device. Any error can result in the unreliable working of the Ethernet.

Malfunctioning Streaming Device

Numerous devices can stream Hulu, including your smartphone, smart TV, laptop, or tablet. Check if your device is working properly by opening the browser or any other application. In addition, run a diagnostics check to see if everything is fine.

Older Version of Hulu

If the internet is working properly and the router is not displaying any errors, the Hulu app might be at fault. Try to update Hulu or delete and then reinstall it on your laptop or smart TV. Also, when reinstalling the app, check if the latest version is compatible.

Incompatible Web Browser

Most users typically stream Hulu via an app. If the app is not working properly, you might wonder why Hulu keeps buffering on your TV. In that case, you can use the browser to launch Hulu. If you already access the app via a web browser, switch to Google Chrome.

Unnecessary Cache Files

Streaming content results in a quick cache build, and you don’t even realize that it’s eating space on storage media. Bulk cache and junk files can make the device sluggish resulting in slow buffering. So, clear the cache and delete all the junk from the hard drive to fix the issue.

Insufficient Power Cycle

That’s something hard to guess yet simple to resolve. If the power supply is insufficient or up to the mark, you will experience buffering or sudden shutdowns. Check the power outlet by connecting other devices, such as laptops, and connect the TV plug to another socket.

Interrupting Third-Party Apps

If you are experiencing a problem streaming Hulu, take note of the apps running in the background. Then disable or close apps one-by-one to resume the proper functioning of Hulu. If you are streaming Hulu via laptop, deactivate login items.


So, these were some of the most common reasons for slow Hulu buffering. If you are experiencing delays while accessing other apps on the Smart TV, your internet connection is at fault.

The app needs an update if the problem persists, particularly while streaming Hulu. It is good to regularly update and upgrade apps and operating systems to avoid technical glitches. Outmoded versions even lead to security threats, and users sometimes end up losing data.

For any internet-related issues, such as a slow connection or insufficient bandwidth, there’s nothing much you can do to fix the issue. You need to contact your internet service provider and ask for assistance. A little investment in buying a better internet pack can also help.

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