PUBG Player Count

PUBG PLayer Count

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, is one of the biggest battle-royale video games. PUBG has been gaining a lot of attention ever since it went free-to-play.

Besides, it has a mobile version, which is good news for players who want to play on the go. PUBG has a strong authority in the battle-royale space and is popular in most gaming communities.

Battle-royale games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Fall Guys, CS: GO, and Naraka: Bladepoint are popularly played on the internet. Collectively, these games generate billions of plays.

So, we thought it wise to check the PUBG player count to keep track of the number of people playing the game. In this article, you will find out how many people play PUBG.

How Many People Are Playing PUBG Right Now?

There are 323,910 concurrent players playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on all available devices and platforms. It is worth mentioning that PUBG gets around 240 to 300 million active players monthly on average.

The highest number of players playing PUBG: Battlegrounds on Steam at the same time is 3,236,027.

The table below shows the PUBG monthly player count and population:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersAverage Daily Players
Last 30 Days302,803,57920,186,905
October 2023292,027,75519,468,517
September 2023284,627,44118,975,163
August 2023294,036,61319,602,441
July 2023287,707,05819,180,471
June 2023284,295,51218,953,034
May 2023288,859,49219,257,299
April 2023289,731,58419,315,439
March 2023286,296,03219,086,402
February 2023278,227,43618,548,496
January 2023283,905,54723,658,796
December 2022283,055,68023,587,973
November 2022281,699,80523,474,984
October 2022286,005,23123,833,769
September 2022285,473,91023,789,493
August 2022284,119,59623,676,633
July 2022289,547,99424,129,000
June 2022295,110,59324,592,549
May 2022304,581,80725,381,817
April 2022306,119,95425,509,996
March 2022315,486,11226,290,509
February 2022319,470,92926,622,577
January 2022325,360,63027,113,386
December 2021326,215,13927,184,595
November 2021115,009,5939,584,133
October 2021324,574,20827,047,851
September 2021320,449,60026,704,133
August 2021322,064,99926,838,750
July 2021325,304,18343,665,201
June 2021328,060,89939,947,701
May 2021325,473,92940,144,576
April 2021318,119,59339,500,140
March 2020314,791,47235,660,149
February 2020312,924,00334,564,303
January 2020298,304,59850,384,515
December 2020283,108,15532,576,580
November 2020278,269,57632,254,008
October 2020276,311,93232,123,499
September 2020271,495,26047,703,581
August 2020271,090,57347,663,112
July 2020239,869,45344,541,000
June 2020202,499,45327,202,667
May 2020235,459,45344,100,000
April 2020257,509,45330,870,000
March 2020217,995,85328,235,760
February 2020252,959,21530,566,651
January 2020275,928,71848,146,927
December 2019230,050,25243,559,080
November 2019280,165,64748,570,619
October 2019299,593,89533,675,629
September 2019299,788,17733,688,582
August 2019320,050,86852,559,142
July 2019357,046,38137,505,795
June 2019373,977,56838,634,541
May 2019385,623,65339,410,947

The game has gotten more players since it transitioned into a free-to-play game. Before it went free to play, it was disclosed that the developer, PUBG Corporation, recorded sold more than 75 million units.

The mobile version of the game, PUBG Mobile, has been released and has garnered more than 1 billion downloads worldwide. PUBG was first released for PC before apps were made for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. However, the mobile version, PUBG Mobile, is the go-to option for playing this game.

The top countries playing PUBG are:

  • United States.
  • India.
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom.
  • Canada.
  • Turkey.
  • Russia.
  • Germany.
  • France.

About PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released in 2017 as a first-person shooter (FPS) game. This multiplayer battle-royale video game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean company.

PUBG can be played solo or with a group of people, as it supports up to 100 players. Each team has four members; if you don’t have a teammate, the server will assign some to you.

The game starts off with players dropping off a plane and parachute on an island. While landing, the players use the map feature to find the most suitable place to land. Once they land, they begin sourcing weapons and other resources needed to survive. To survive, players must eliminate any enemy on sight using the weapons provided in the game.

PUBG Battlegrounds Player Count

Since players begin the game with nothing, the first thing they must do is to fend for themselves. Therefore, you must scavenge for equipment, weapons, resources, and other healing items around the area. This is called “looting” in the game.

While scavenging the area, you may find useful tools such as a firearm, scope, or rifle. The game also provides you with several vehicles to aid your gameplay.

The game objective is to be the last man or team standing. Leveling up your playing skills and mastering a weapon can help you become the last man standing on the battlefield.

Where To Play PUBG?

PUBG is available on several consoles and platforms. You can play PUBG on:

  • Xbox One.
  • PlayStation.
  • iOS devices.
  • Android phones.
  • Stadia.
  • Microsoft Windows PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PUBG on Steam?

PUBG is on Steam, where you can get it for free.

Is PUBG free to play?

PUBG is officially a free-to-play battle-royale game.

How Many People Have Played PUBG?

More than 250 million people have played PUBG. The game gets millions of plays daily and monthly.

Is PUBG Dead?

PUBG isn’t dead. PUBG’s player count and popularity have grown exponentially without much advertisement as there is strong hype around this game on the internet.


PUBG is one of my favorite battle-royale games. The graphics and overall quality provide immersive, exciting gameplay.

PUBG has gotten several nominations and awards since its release in 2017. It won some titles at the 35th edition of the Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Award 2017 in categories like PC Game of the Year and Best Multiplayer Game.

We will update this post every month to keep track of the latest player count for the game. Don’t forget to see the other posts below.

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