Phasmophobia Player Count

Phasmophobia Player Count

Phasmophobia is one of the best-selling games of 2020. It is a first-person survival horror game developed by Kinetic Games. This game features multiple variants of ghosts that reside in abandoned places such as schools, homes, hospitals, etc.

You may be wondering to know how many people play Phasmophobia. Perhaps, if that is why you are here, this article will show you the Phasmophobia Live Player Count.

At the end of this article, you will have a good idea of the number of people playing Phasmophobia daily and monthly.

How Many People Are Playing Phasmophobia Right Now?

There are 18,048 people playing Phasmophobia concurrently on all supported devices and platforms. Phasmophobia gets thousands of plays on different platforms, including Steam, which records an all-time peak of 112,241 concurrent players for the game.

The table below shows the Phasmophobia monthly player count and population:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days731,78348,786
October 2023799,41453,294
September 2023893,20059,547
August 2023708,88847,259
July 2023719,68447,979
June 2023711,15047,410
May 2023734,35648,957
April 2023748,86949,925
March 2023739,98949,333
February 2023724,76948,318
January 2023710,558165,797
December 2022698,055162,880
November 2022706,558164,864
October 2022768,066179,215
September 2022726,375169,488
August 2022676,100157,757
July 2022662,625154,613
June 2022685,025159,839
May 2022672,625156,946
April 2022675,350157,582
March 2022650,275151,731
February 2022640,200149,380
January 2022674,150157,302
December 2021713,525166,489
November 2021662,500154,583
October 2021615,000143,500
September 2021675,350157,582
August 2021640,025149,339
July 2021675,350157,582
June 2021664,050154,945
May 2021775,100180,857
April 2021752,850175,665

The top countries playing Phasmophobia are:

  • United States.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Russia.

About Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a survival video game released in September 2020 by Kinetic Games. It was exclusively released on Steam, where it gets tons of plays daily.

Players can play Phasmophobia in single-player or multiplayer mode. You can play Phasmophobia in solo mode or in a team of over four players. This survival horror game revolves around investigating ghosts. These ghosts reside in abandoned areas such as schools, hospitals, and homes.

As mentioned, over sixteen types of ghosts exist in the game, and have distinct characteristics and qualities. The ghost types are as follows:

  • Banshee.
  • Demon.
  • Goryo.
  • Hantu.
  • Jinn.
  • Mare.
  • Myling.
  • Oni.
  • Phantom.
  • Poltergeist.
  • Revenant.
  • Shade.
  • Spirit.
  • Wraith.
  • Yokai.
  • Yurei.

The player’s objective is to investigate the sixteen variants of ghosts haunting a specified area, and in the end, the player is rewarded for his efforts. Some areas may be creepy and full of horrors, so using a flashlight in places with thick, utter darkness will serve as the only source of light for the player.

Players do not have to kill or defeat the ghosts but communicate with them. By communicating with the ghosts, the players get to identify the ghost and learn about their intentions and characteristics.

Players are provided with various tools to aid their investigations. Tools such as UV flashlights, crucifixes, EMF readers, Ouija boards, CCTV cameras, and thermometers are available for use. Also, the game enables communication via voice chat; the ghost reacts immediately after hearing the voice.

Once a player or a team of players spot a ghost, they must quickly attempt to know what type of spirit it is. The ghosts react to different tools; while some react to Ouija boards, others may make the area colder.

Players are given three clues, which will lead them to specific ghosts. If the ghost or spirit is aggrieved, the players must take cover or use the best of their abilities to survive its wrath. You must complete the mission to ensure you get your reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Phasmophobia Free to Play?

Phasmophobia is not free to play. Rather, it is a paid-to-play video game.

Is Phasmophobia on Steam?

Phasmophobia is available on Steam, where it is priced at $6.99.

Where Can You Play Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is only available for Microsoft Windows PCs at the time of writing.

Can I Play Phasmophobia on Mac?

If you wish to play Phasmophobia on your Mac computer, then you will need to use an external app like Windows Emulator Parallels to play the game.

Once you download and install Windows Emulator Parallels on your Mac computer, you can purchase and download Phasmophobia from Steam. Then, you should be able to play Phasmophobia on your Mac computer.

How Many People Play Phasmophobia Daily?

On average, 12,150 to 23,947 people play Phasmophobia every day.

Is Phasmophobia Dead?

Phasmophobia isn’t dead; it has an active player base.


Phasmophobia comes with intense horror but is an exciting video game that can be played offline and online. Several gamers have covered this game on their Twitch and YouTube channels. Since it is Steam-based, you shouldn’t have any issues playing the game, except if you don’t have a Windows PC.

You can save or bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest Phasmophobia player count. Feel free to check these posts below.

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