How To Take Care Of Your Laptop

how to maintain your laptop

Your laptop is like a valuable asset, therefore, it is important for you to maintain it and take proper care of it. In this millennium, everyone uses the computer to perform several tasks such as typing, writing, chatting, working, gaming, calculating, surfing the net and so much more.

I’m pretty sure that you have been frustrated while using a laptop with a laggy performance. Laptops that are properly maintained perform better than those that are poorly taken care of. If your high-performing laptop suddenly gives you a laggier performance, it is an indication that you aren’t able to take good care of it.

How To Take Care Of Your Laptop

Even if the performance of your laptop declines over the years, there are easy things that you can do to enhance its performance in the long run. Whether you are using a gaming laptop or a business laptop, you will need this guide to help you take care of your laptop for an extended period of time.

Without mincing words, let’s see how you can take care of your laptop and keep it in a good shape.

1. Keep Your Laptop Clean

How To Take Care Of Your Laptop

This is one of the most underrated ways to maintain a laptop. Although it might look insignificant to some people, it is highly important. Every effort you do to maintain your laptop will have no noticeable effect if you fail to take care of its physical appearance.

Dust, dirt, and other micro-particles will fall on the laptop from time to time. Hence, it is necessary for you to clean the physical part of your laptop. You can do this by wiping the screen, keyboard, and other places with a soft damp cloth.

Spray an anti-static spray into a microfiber cloth. The screen can be easily broken, it is the most fragile part of your laptop. You should clean the screen gently so that you don’t leave scratches or cracks on the surface.

Next, is the keyboard of your laptop. The tiny spaces between the keys can accommodate even the smallest crumbs and particles. Try not to use water or any liquid to clean the keyboard because they can cause your keyboard to malfunction as time goes.

The best way to clean your laptop keyboard is to use a USB vacuum cleaner which can help you suck and extract the tiniest particle in the gaps between the keys.

2. Install/Update Your Anti-Virus Software

As you know, anti-virus software helps to identify, remove, and block malicious threats from getting into your laptop. You are to install anti-virus software programs such as Norton, Avast, Smadav, etc to help keep malicious files, malware, and viruses from coming into your laptop.

Just as you have installed an anti-virus software program on your computer, you should make sure that the software is updated to the newest version. The improved and updated version will help to keep your computer safe from viruses and this will make your laptop perform better.

3. Update Your Software

You should occasionally check the software programs on your laptop, PC, or computer for updates. Many laptop users still use obsolete and previous versions of their software programs without updating them. 

You should know that for every new update, there are improvements such as fixed bugs and patches which were detected in the former. Hence, from time to time, you should frequently search for software updates because doing this will secure your laptop and protect it from security breaches and vulnerabilities.  

4. Backup Your Data

Ways To Take Care Of Your Laptop

After keeping all your software programs updated, it is imperative for you to back up all data and information on your laptop. This should become your weekly or monthly routine because it can help you recover some files if the original is damaged or lost.

You should have a copy or backup of your important files or data on an external storage device. The simplest way to back up your data is to save it on an external hard disk, SD Card, flash drive, etc. In this digital age, people prefer to back up their data to the cloud.

You can store and have a copy of your files by using cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, iCloud, Cloudup, etc. However, backing up your files to the cloud requires internet access/connection. You can use whichever method suits you (online or offline) to back up your data.

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5. Keep It At A Cool Temperature

Laptops are likely to get hot and run into extreme temperatures when used for hours. Hot and extreme temperatures can affect the laptop’s performance to a great extent.

For this purpose, you should ensure that every part of the laptop including the battery and other hardware components stays cool at all times. You can keep it cool by keeping the laptop on a table or area with good ventilation. Also, avoid keeping your laptop on your lap for a long because it disrupts the airflow around your laptop.

6. Give It A Good Rest

One of the key ways to take care of your laptop as a beginner is to shut down your laptop when not in use. Most times, you put your laptop to sleep or in hibernation mode because you want to conserve power without losing your contents. The danger of doing this is that you are gradually destroying your laptop.

 After doing this, you may begin to notice that the performance of your laptop gets sluggish after using it for a few days. This problem cannot be solved by upgrading the RAM, but it can be rectified by leaving the laptop to rest for a period of about 10-30 minutes. Ultimately, this enables the hardware to reset, rest, and get back its groove.

7. Know When To Rest The Battery

The power and battery life are factors to contribute to the performance of your laptop. The lifespan of your battery tends to drop over time, however, they can be prolonged for extended use depending on how well you use them.

how to take care of your laptop battery

The battery lifespan of your laptop can be prolonged if the battery is used efficiently. Leaving the battery connected to electrical energy or leaving the battery to drop completely will deteriorate the battery lifespan of your laptop.

Our recommendation is to let your battery drop to around 30% before you plug in its charger to charge. You can unplug it when the battery percentage reaches 90% – 100%. Doing this repeatedly will optimize your battery for efficient and extended use.

8. Wipe Out Unused Files and Programs

It is essential to get rid of programs and files that are not needed from your laptop. Files that are surplus to requirements should be removed because the larger the data in your laptop, the slower it performs.

On the other hand, your laptop can perform at a good rate if you uninstall unnecessary software packages, and remove file duplicates and programs that you aren’t using.

9. Defrag Your Hard Drive

Files in your laptop or personal computer can become fragmented throughout your hard drive over time. In other words, the files in your computer break off, scatter and disperse across your hard drive, thereby, making it difficult for the hard drive to find and access these files and their properties.

 However, you can solve this problem by defragging the hard drive. Defragging refers to the process of regathering and reassembling the fragmented files in the hard drive. Consequently, this makes the files easily accessible and reachable on the hard disk. When the hard disk is defragged, your laptop will run faster.

10. Get The Best Laptop Bag

how to maintain a laptop

Who uses a laptop without a laptop bag? Everyone needs a laptop bag to keep and carry the laptop around. Remember that the laptop is a portable computer system, it requires a bag for you to carry from place to place.

Choosing the best laptop bag can be a bit tricky as some bags come in various shapes, designs, sizes, and dimensions. Firstly, the bag should have ample space for your laptop. You wouldn’t like to see your laptop with scratches after rubbing against other items in the bad, right?

The laptop bag should be spacious and also provide a cushion to protect your laptop against impact. Check out the best laptop bags on Amazon.


We have just provided you with the best tips to take care of your laptop and maintain its performance. After reading all the ten points highlighted in this post, you will know that there are not really technical but simple for a newbie to do.

If you follow all the tips mentioned in this guide, you will be able to maintain your laptop. This will save you the costs of maintenance and repair and also keep the computer in a good shape over time.

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