How to Spot a Gamer (Ultimate Guide)

How To Identify a Gamer

Some of us play games from time to time, while others invest a lot of hours into playing games. Whichever one a person is, there are major signs that helps to spot a true, avid gamer.

Gaming comes with its own little, observable traits which other gamers can relate to. Some of these traits can sound silly, while some of them can be very true.

After studying a lot of avid gamers, we have come up with our top eight signs that tell you a person is indeed a true gamer. If you want to spot a gamer, look out for the following quirks  in the person:

How To Identify a Gamer Easily

Below are some of the noticeable traits and habits of true gamers:

1. They hum/sing songs of games they’ve played

The soundtrack on most games are catchy, and one who has been accustomed to the same game for a while will know the soundtrack of the game from start to finish.

Not all gamers may actually put their mind to learning the soundtrack of their favorite games, however, it remains a common thing among hardcore gamers.

If you play, say, the Marios or Ocarina of Time quite often, over time, you will find yourself humming the Mario theme or Saria’s Song, especially when doing chores.

It can only be that a person is a gamer if he knows Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko’s “On My Way” from start to finish.  If you are not a gamer, you may not find it enjoyable listening to these songs the way gamers do.

If someone calls himself a gamer, check his playlist to see if video game soundtracks have made their way there.

2. Complaints from their friends and family

Gamers get a lot of complaints from their close ones because they give more attention to gaming. Usually, the reaction of such gamers would be “these people just don’t get it, do they?” A true gamer will at some point experience series of complaints from both friends and family concerning the amount of time they spend gaming.

If you are at this point, then congrats… call yourself a cell leader in the gamers pack. But hey…

The reality is friends and family are most likely concerned for your well-being.

We usually advise gamers to engage in other activities and take time to be social with peers, so that they don’t have to deal with issues of the sort.

3. A game has once gotten the emotional part of them

Gamers who have spent time playing The Last of Us or Life is Strange will know what it means to be once attached to a game emotionally. One of the ways you can spot a gamer is when they recount being emotionally attached to a game before.

This pretty much shows how much time they must have spent playing such a game to the extent that they got so attached to it. The height of it all is when they begin to apply gaming characters to real-life situations.

4. Video games make’em happy!

How To Spot a Gamer

It is called a game because it is meant to make you have fun and be happy, but there is this extra level of happiness that gamers derive from video gamers, even from just the pronunciation of it.

When the question of “What makes you happy?” is asked, the first group of answers coming from a true gamer will always be “Video games”.

While gaming is something many people do to de-stress, it is considered the lifeblood for some voracious gamers out there.

5. They don’t mind the cost

You may have to deal with it, but for gamers, every good game that gives them the experience they want is surely worth it. A true gamer may be complaining about things being expensive, but will never bat an eyebrow when the cost of a GTRACING Gaming Chair is mentioned.

You don’t even want to argue with them because a true gamer is ready to give you a thousand and one reasons why the ergonomic luxury of his gaming chair should not be compared to a cushion-less guitar stool.

6. To gamers, video games are worth canceling some plans

Another easy way to spot a gamer is when they do not pretend, even after being caught, of lying or canceling a plan for the sake of the game they intend to play or complete.

Whether it is skipping school, canceling a hangout, postponing a virtual meeting, or fake being under the weather, every gamer is guilty of this at one point or the other. And especially when it comes to memories,  it is totally worth it… and no one is judging!

7. Video game-related wallpaper on PC and everything

Everyone has a different approach to aesthetics when it comes to gadgets, but for gamers, it is always a thousand game-related stickers glued to their PC and phones. One of the quirks of true gamers is that the wallpaper on their phone or PC (or both) is always video game-related.

For many, it is always about having the character from the latest game on your wallpaper. Ask a gamer for a preferred wallpaper, and watch him put game-related graphics as default.

8. Do not joke with their internet!

What Happens When you Take Gaming too Seriously

Like I always say, the more active version of gamers as individuals can be found in the digital form rather than the physical. With this, you don’t want to get on their nerve by constraining them in a place that has bad internet.

Now that games are 100GB a pop, and updates are being rolled out by the minute, having poor internet is a huge turn-off for gamers.


One last trait of true gamers, which I must not fail to mention is that they learn more and a lot of cool things from gaming…than anywhere else.

Should we start from the historical facts or mythology that every gamer must have learned from the games played? Or should we begin from the teamwork they’ve had to do in multiplayer?

With these eight signs that we have seen on how to spot a gamer, chances are every gamer out there can resonate with all of these mannerisms.

But above all, it is a beautiful thing that gamers are often recognized as strategic, quick thinkers. Despite the misconception about gaming, there are seemingly a lot of things that gamers learn and portray in their physical environment.

What are the other ways to spot and identify a gamer? I’m pretty sure this will be an interesting thing to talk about in the comments!

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