How To Organize A Gaming Desk

How to organize a gaming desk

Do you want to get started with gaming? The gaming desk is the first port of call.

Now it may be a challenging task to wrap your head around the concept of having the best-organized gaming desk that suits your gaming style.

So in this post, I have put together some helpful tips that will show you how to organize a gaming desk to suit your gaming style and type. We will also look into some frequently asked questions on having the best-organized gaming desk.

In my opinion, gaming desk arrangement ideas may be likened to home decor ideas.

This is not only because your gaming desk must be simple to set up but also because you need to get a desk that suits your personal needs, just as you would a decor that suits your living space.

As a game enthusiast, the first step to having the best-organized gaming desk is understanding that your gaming setup is your paradise.

How do you set up and treat a paradise?

Gone are the earlier days of gaming when most gaming setups looked and had dark, messy rooms. I am glad that you have embraced the idea of having a gaming zone that looks cool and sophisticated.

It all begins with having an organized gaming desk, and here are the steps to follow suit.

Steps To Organizing a Gaming desk

1. Choose an ergonomic gaming desk

I can not stress enough the need to have a comfortable and ergonomic gaming desk, especially if you are the type of gamer that spends almost all the time in the day in your gaming zone.

In addition, it is advised to go for a standing desk. This is because there are most games that will require you to stand in order to fully enjoy those crazy actions.

Organizing your gaming desk begins with choosing the right desk, you want one that has adjustable settings for height, comfortable enough to assist in maintaining eye level and body posture with the screen.

Let me quickly chip this in, if you are choosing a monitor stand, make sure that it is practical and will match well on your gaming desk.

2. Manage the cables

The need to organize your cable management rises, especially when there is more than one monitor in a gaming setup. Needless to say, long or short, cables do make one’s room look cluttered.

It becomes worse when you leave them unorganized. So, another smart approach to organizing your gaming desk is to make sure you’ve got a great product for cable management.

I recommend using these IKEA cable management products to conceal all the wires beneath the desk.

It makes the gaming setup look neat and clutter-free. It is a plus if the cable management product features hooks that clip the cables and hold them in place.

3. Light the desk up! No fire, please

how to set a gaming desk

Show me a very appealing game setup, and I will show you the essence of lighting in making a gaming zone stand out.

The good news is that there are tons of options for lighting ideas you can choose from that will suit your taste and budget.

Another step to make your gaming desk look organized, and this time attractive, is to light it up. For instance, you can install a single colored LED strip behind your desk

Then you add one in blue, green, and orange. This will give the desk that glows and looks really nice.

I recommend using Eddison’s bulb, it is what I use to light not just my game setup but my room, and I think it is fun.

Really low-budget lightning I can recommend is using white lamps as they can easily blend with any setup.

Willing to spend more on lighting up your gaming desk? There are options like light bar slits shining on the sides of your monitor and also colored fans and lighting panels.

4. Maintain a clean and clutter-free gaming desk

If you are serious about keeping your gaming desk organized, you must always frown at our two common enemies as gamers which are dust and clutter.

To keep your gaming desk organized, some of the accessories I have mentioned and recommended  would help, especially the cable management accessories for a clutter-free gaming desk

Secondly, you don’t want dust on your new desk.

When there is awesome lighting, and a spectacular glowing keyboard, it would be a spoiler to have dusty surface areas. Hence, make sure to wipe your gaming setup, at least once a week.

Other vital gaming accessories to improve the organization of your gaming desk includes:

  • A nice keyboard and mouse pad (you can have a glow-in-the-dark keyboard)
  • A USB hub under the desk, in cases where the monitor is far from your quick reach.
  • A headphone stand – to avoid your desk from looking cluttered with huge headphones lying on it
  • Simple small potted plants on your desk won’t be bad

Frequently asked questions

What Makes a Good Gaming Desk?

As long as your gaming desk can provide a stable surface on which you can play your games, it is a good gaming desk. An ideal desk for gaming should also offer maximum comfort and ergonomics.

How much space on my desk is enough for two or three monitors?

When organizing your gaming desk, and considering the amount of space to leave, it is better to overestimate because you can not predict the future need to add extra displays, such as Monitors

How Can I Maximize My Gameplay Experience?

Comfort and organization are key to maximizing your gameplay experience. First of all, ensure that the desk you use fits your game style, then make sure you consider using a comfy and ergonomic gaming chair.

How long do Gaming Desks Last?

This largely depends on the material used in making the gaming desk. It also largely depends on how you take care of and maintain the use of the desk. Ideal gaming desks usually last for years, especially when not abused by excessive weight loads

How much does a gaming desk cost?

This can be a difficult question to answer because there are a plethora of desks in the market that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, the cost of gaming desks is varied and influenced by their varying functionality and features. Once you consider your budget, getting the best gaming desk for you would be quicker and easier. High-quality gaming desks are usually expensive, this does not go to say that affordable ones are wack, though.


Having gone through these steps explained above, organizing your gaming desk may not be all that challenging.

In fact, you are to have fun while accessorizing and keep your gaming area clean and clutter-free.

All in all, a no-brainer recommendation for organizing your gaming desk and a stunning gaming zone is to first, choose a desk with cable management and smart lights.

Conclusively, organizing your gaming desk will be based on your budget and personal taste or style.

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