How To Delete Apps On LG Stylo 5

How To Delete Apps On LG Stylo 5

The LG Stylo 5 smartphone is built with modern charging technology and other exciting features, making it one of the best smartphones. Not everyone knows how to delete apps on this phone.

This article will show you how to uninstall applications from your LG Stylo 5 smartphone.

To delete apps on your LG Stylo™ 5 device, follow the simple procedure below;

  • From your device’s home screen, navigate to “Settings.” You might also navigate from the app screen.
  • Under settings, go to “Apps & notifications.
  • Doing so will open a list of options; select “App info.
  • From the list of apps that it brings, locate the app you want to delete or uninstall,  then select it.
  • In case you don’t find some system apps here, you can locate them by tapping the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then select “Show system.” Your system apps will be displayed among other apps.
  • To uninstall the app, simply tap “Uninstall” just next to it.
  • You will be prompted to confirm the action; do so by pressing “OK” to delete.

Following the procedure above, the app will be deleted on your LG Stylo 5. However, if you choose to delete an app update, the procedure might be quite different. Remember that you will only find the option to delete app updates will only be available once the update has been installed.

To uninstall app updates on your LG Stylo 5;

  • After navigating to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info, tap the Menu icon at the top right of the screen
  • You will see an option to uninstall updates; select it
  • Locate the app update you want to delete and proceed to confirm

Why Can’t I Delete Apps On My LG Stylo 5?

Even after going through and putting the simple procedure above into action, you might still be unable to delete apps on your Stylo. Well, this can happen for two various reasons. You will see the “Uninstall” option for the first, but it won’t just work.

When this happens, visit your app store, and find the app you want to delete. When you find it, uninstall it directly from your app store. This should solve the issue if you cannot delete it from your Settings tab.

In some cases, you might find the “Uninstall” option for some apps on your LG Stylo 5. Some apps have the Android operating system, hence can not be deleted. Such apps usually come preinstalled on mobile devices. A perfect example of this is the calculator.

Also, if you are about to delete an app update, you should disable auto-updates for the specified app. It could be that the app update has some issues that the developer should resolve. Until this has been done, make sure it is disabled.

In addition, if you don’t disable auto-updates of an app, no matter how many times you delete or uninstall it, it will keep updating itself. You might get surprised and frustrated about it if you don’t know the reason behind it; Well, you know now.

Can I Disable Apps on My LG Stylo 5?

Definitely! You can disable apps on your device any time you want to. In fact, I recommend disabling system apps and any other app that can not be uninstalled but you find compromising or frustrating. A perfect alternative to deleting is disabling the app.

By disabling an app, you will no longer receive notifications on it. Also, you won’t be able to use the service as long as it is disabled. To reverse the action, you have to go to enable it. You will find the option to do this next to the “Uninstall” option of the app.

For apps that do not have the “Uninstall” button, you will find the “disable” option instead. However, disabling an app may cause related apps to malfunction. For example, disabling your “Messages” app might cause your “Phone” app to misbehave.

Does Deleting Apps Free Up Space On My LG Stylo 5?

Of course, yes! Although there are several ways to make space on your device, deleting unused apps is one of the best ways to go about it. Apps consume a lot of data and storage; they take up the most space in a mobile device.

If you want to free up space easily, find an app you no longer need and uninstall it. To delete an app on your LG Stylo 5, follow the procedure I described earlier in this article. Another way to free up space is by clearing the phone and system cache.

How Do I Clear Cache On My Stylo 5?

Whenever you use your device, it stores data of your most frequent activities to help improve device performance and efficiency. This data is known as cached data, and when it builds up, it might cause your phone to misbehave.

You can free up space on your phone by deleting this cache. To clear the cache on your LG Stylo 5, navigate to the settings app, and go to “Storage.” Under storage, you will find everything taking up space on your phone. Tap on “Cache,” then select “Clear Cache.”

How Do I Move Apps From Internal Storage to an SD card on LG Stylo 5?

If you don’t want to delete apps on your LG Stylo 5 or feel that they are still very useful, you might need to move them to your SD card. First, ensure you have inserted your SD card into its slot on your phone.

Open the File manager app, then tap on “Storage.” Open internal storage to find the apps you wish to move. Locate the app and long-press them to bring up the “move” option. Then, select move to “SD card.” The app will be moved instantly. You can also move apps from your phone settings.

Final Words

If you follow the procedure above, you should be able to delete apps on your LG Stylo 5 quite quickly. However, uninstall the app directly from the Google Play Store if you still have difficulty doing so. You shouldn’t have any issue with it from here.

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