How To Delete Anki Account

How To Delete Anki Account

If you have previously created an Anki account, deleting it might be a hassle. Fortunately, this guide will show you the proper steps to delete your Anki account.

Follow the procedure below to delete your AnkiWeb account;

  • Go to AnkiWeb (
  • Log in to your profile with your AnkiWeb ID.
  • Upon login, you will see the “settings” icon at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it.
  • When you select the option, you will see a “delete account” option just below the “settings” you just clicked on, tap the option.
  • You will be asked to enter your password to confirm account deletion. Do so, and your account will be deleted.

After confirming the deletion, it might take a while for the complete process and for your account to be deleted. All you have to do is to be patient and not interrupt it. The system will notify you as soon as it is completed.

What Happens When You Delete Your AnkiWeb Account?

After deleting your account, you will no longer have access to any of the services offered by AnkiWeb. Your profile on the database will be erased. To reaccess the services, you must create a new account. You might use the exact details as before since they must have been erased.

If you have any data on your AnkiWeb account that will be very useful, ensure you back it up or save it elsewhere before deleting your account. Account deletion is permanent and can not be reversed. Neither can your lost data be restored.

Does AnkiWeb Delete User Accounts?

You might have heard that AnkiWeb deletes user accounts in some cases. If you read the terms and conditions while registering, you must have found it there that AnkiWeb truly deleted user accounts. But why is this?

As you should know, AnkiWeb is a free service, so it is necessary to delete unused account data periodically; this will help reduce costs. However, AnkiWeb does not delete a user account without any valid reason or cause.

If you don’t access your AnkiWeb account or sync its data in six months, AnkiWeb has the right to delete your account. It is mentioned and explained in the terms and conditions of service. Therefore, you must use your AnkiWeb regularly to keep it untouched.

Once your AnkiWeb deck data expires, it gets deleted. At this point, AnkiWeb does not have the power to help recover your lost data. However, you might be able to recover the data if you already have a local copy. This is one of the reasons you should regularly sync your account.

What Gets Deleted After Expiry?

The good news is that AnkiWeb does not delete your data once your deck data expires. Some of your data are saved so that you can access them later when you wish. So what is protected and what is deleted? Let’s find out.

If your AnkiWeb account expires, AnkiWeb will only delete the web copy of your data. They don’t have the power to delete the local copy you downloaded. Also, if there are any cards you have stored on your phone, tablet, or PC, they won’t get deleted.

How To Recover My AnkiWeb Account After Deletion?

First, please remember that you can only recover your AnkiWeb account if it was deleted due to expiry. However, if you delete your account by yourself, you can no longer have access to it again. So how do you recover a deleted AnkiWeb account? Let’s see.

As I mentioned earlier, AnkiWeb deletes some user accounts due to inactivity. If your account was also deleted as a result of this, there is something you can do. However, this is only possible if you have a copy of your data on your mobile device or PC.

To check for a copy of your data, simply open AnkiWeb/AnkiDroid/AnkiMobile, and see if it is still there. You are good to go if you can find your data there. However, if there is no saved data there, you won’t be able to recover your account, unfortunately. Follow this procedure to sync the data with AnkiWeb again;

  • Log in to your AnkiWeb account using your previous Anki ID. You will receive a message that the account does not exist.
  • When you see that, you must sign up again using the same email as the former account. Actually, you can even use a new one.
  • After account creation, a new AnkiWeb ID will be assigned to you. Log in to the account with the details.
  • Upon login, you will find an option in the settings to “Upload.” Make use of the option to send your former data back to AnkiWeb.
  • You will find a “Download” option next to “Upload” make sure you do not click on the download option. Doing so will overwrite your local content with a new and empty AnkiWeb collection.

Can You Recover Your Account If You Download a New Collection?

If, peradventure, you mistakenly use the download option instead of “Upload,” you won’t be able to access your old AnkiWeb profile anymore. Downloading will only delete any AnkiWeb data previously stored on your mobile device or PC.

Wrapping Up

It is necessary to keep your Anki account active, so it does not get deleted after six months. If you use the platform, your account will be marked as active anytime you visit. The same applies if you use the synchronization feature in Anki, AnkiMobile, or AnkiDroid.

Note that you must use the synchronization feature on the mobile versions, as they do not sync automatically. If you keep your account inactive for up to six months and have used the service for over a week, AnkiWeb will send you an email to notify you of potential account deletion.

You can only keep your account safe by logging in and using the sync button on the mobile versions; this will help mark your account as active.

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