How To Delete Accounts on Metamask

How To Delete Accounts on Metamask

It is absolutely impossible to delete accounts stored on the blockchain. Metamask is a blockchain wallet that receives, stores, buys and sends cryptocurrencies. Since Metamask is a crypto wallet, it is not possible to delete an account of it.

Your wallet addresses are permanent on the blockchain, and you can forget or abandon them if you no longer use them. However, it is possible to remove an account from your Metamask wallet.

As long as the account was imported to your Metamask wallet, it is possible to remove it. If the account was created using the “Create Account” button on Metamask, removing it from the wallet is almost impossible.

The only accounts you can remove are imported or external ones that you have imported with private keys or JSON. Since there are two versions of the Metamask wallet, Mobile and Extension, I will show you how to remove imported wallets on both.

How To Remove Accounts From Metamask Extension

The Metamask extension is usually available on chrome and is compatible with laptops and computers. All you have to do is install the extension, connect your wallet and start using it. If you want to remove an imported wallet from the extension, follow the procedure below;

1. Open the Extension and navigate to “My Account.”

You can access this option by clicking on the top-right area. This will show you a list of all your accounts imported on the Metamask extension.

2. Select the account you wish to remove

All the imported accounts will have a label just in front of them. To select an account, tap on it, and it will open up a new account window.

3. Remove the account

At the top right corner, you will find a vertical ellipsis icon; tap on it to open a new dropdown. From the options, select “Remove account.” That account will be removed from the Metamask extension. You can repeat the process for as many accounts as you wish.

How To Remove Accounts From Metamask Mobile

If you are using the Metamask version for mobile, you can also easily remove an account from your wallet. All you have to do is follow the simple procedure below.

1. Open your Metamask Wallet

Since you are using the mobile application, start the app and tap on your account name when it opens; this will bring up the account selector screen showing you a list of all the accounts on that wallet.

2. Find the account

On the account selector, scroll until you find the particular account you want to remove. You will know which version is imported with its “imported” label just in front of it. This should help you find it easily.

3. Remove the account

When you find the particular account you wish to remove from your Metamask mobile, long press on it; doing this will bring up an option to remove it. Select “Yes, Remove it,” It will immediately disappear from your Metamask when you confirm the action.

How To Remove Created Accounts on Metamask

What if I told you that removing an account you created on Metamask from the app or extension is possible? It might sound surprising, but it is possible. However, unlike removing imported accounts, there is no procedure to remove created accounts.

If you really want to remove a created account from your Metamask wallet, you must uninstall the app or extension and reinstall it again. Doing so will remove the account from your Metamask, and you can only have access to the account by importing it this time.

To import the account back, you will need to restore it using your “Secret Recovery Phrase.” If you have not stored this phrase somewhere, you should not attempt to remove your account or even delete Metamask from your device. Without your seed phrase, you won’t have access to your account any longer.

What Happens When You Remove an Account From Metamask?

Be it a created account or an imported account, what happens when you remove them from your Metamask? Well, nothing special happens. Removing them from your wallet can not delete them away from the blockchain. In fact, nothing can.

The only effect of removing an account is that it will no longer be visible on Metamask. Once a cryptocurrency account is created, it can not be deleted or hacked. The only thing you can do is remove it from your Metamask.

If you wish to access your account, you can easily do so with your seed phrase. The seed phrase is usually given after the creation of a wallet. Also, if you share your seed phrase with anyone, you automatically provide them access to your account.

How To Remove The Metamask Extension From My Browser

Most PCs have their default browser as Google Chrome. However, no matter the type of browser you have installed the extension on, you will use the same procedure to remove it. For this context, I will show you how to remove the Metamask extension from chrome.

When you open a browser, you will see all extensions you have installed at the top right. Find the Metamask browser extension icon and right-click on it. From the list of options, select “Remove from chrome.” The extension will be uninstalled from your browser.

Final Words

Similarly, if you wish to remove the Metamask for mobile, you must uninstall it from your device. Always remember that you can not delete an account on Metamask or any cryptocurrency wallet on the blockchain.

In the article, I have shown you how to remove accounts on Metamask for extensions and mobile. Both procedures are easy to carry out and will not take much of your time. Alternatively, you can abandon the wallet to forget about it.

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