How To Delete a Yik Yak Post

How To Delete a Yik Yak Post

If you are looking for information on how to delete a Yik Yak post, you are in the right place. This article will show step-by-step procedures to remove Yaks from your Yik Yak account.

To delete a Yik Yak post, follow the procedure below;

  • Log in to your Yik Yak account
  • Find the post you want to delete
  • Tap the ellipsis icon at the bottom right corner of the post
  • Tap on “More Options
  • Delete the Yik Yak post

Alternatively, you can delete a Yik Yak post following these steps;

  • Log in to your Yik Yak profile
  • Navigate to the “Settings” tab in the bottom right corner of the page
  • Select “My Yaks” – This will bring out a list of all your posts on the app
  • Again, tap on the ellipsis icon at the right corner of the post, and select “More Options.
  • Finally, delete the post.

Observe that I have used “Yaks” and “Posts” interchangeably above because every post on Yik Yak is referred to as a Yak. Therefore, if you want to delete a Yik Yak post, you are deleting a Yak.

What is Yik Yak and How Does It Work?

Yik Yak is one of the many social media that allows users to communicate and interact with one another. However, Yik Yak allows users to post text posts on the platform anonymously. No one would know the identity of who posts the Yak.

These yaks are usually funny or relatable, and the app is similar to Twitter, whereby people interact with threads and trends. However, Yik Yak is location-based and will only allow users to interact with other users in the exact location.

Here, the humor is grounded in the shared experience of living in a particular geographic location. You might find it challenging to understand some Yaks if you are not in the specified location. People also use the platform to bond over location-based problems.

How Many Downvotes Does It Take For a Yak To Be Removed?

Yik Yak relies on its users to ensure the community remains safe for everyone. Whenever a post goes against certain community guidelines, it is your duty as a Yik Yak user to report the Yak immediately.

However, you can make reporting a post on Yik Yak faster through its upvote/downvote system. When you notice a post that breaches the community guidelines, all you have to do is give it a downvote.

When a post gets up to 5 total downvotes, it is removed from Yik Yak. This gives the users moderation roles to ensure sanity and peace are developed in the community. As I mentioned, it takes five downvotes for a Yak to be removed.

Can You Delete Your Yik Yak Account?

It is impossible to delete a Yik Yak account. Well, at the moment of writing, Yik Yak does not provide any option to allow users to delete their accounts whenever they wish. However, there is an alternative to this that you might find interesting.

You can delete every data on your Yik Yak account. By so doing, you delete every information linked to your profile, including your activity on Yik Yak. A Yik Yak account with all its data deleted is as good as “new.”

How To Delete Your Yik Yak Data

Since there is no option on the app to delete your account when you no longer need it, you can delete all data associated with your Yik Yak account. This is very simple, and you only need to go through a few steps. Let’s see what they entail.

First, log in to your Yik Yak account and navigate to settings. You will find the settings tab at the bottom right corner of your screen. When you get there, tap on “More Options.” It will bring out an extensive list of options; select “Delete All My Data.”

Once you tap this once and confirm, all your data on Yik Yak will be deleted; this includes all your Yaks, posts, comments, and every other data attributed to your profile. In addition, the action will always revert your Yakarma score to zero. It’d be just like a new account.

How To Use Yik Yak

To use Yik Yak, the first step is to open an account. However, you can not open an account without installing the app on your device first. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is download the app from your device store.

Initially, Yik Yak was only available for iOS users, but the version for android users was introduced in July 2022. Now, you can install the Yik Yak app on your Android device and interact with other users in your location.

After installing the app, you will be prompted to verify that you are a human, not a robot. You will also be asked to share your location with Yik Yak when you confirm. Yik Yak will have access to your location to sync your activity based on that location.

If you don’t give the app permission to use your device’s location, you won’t be able to use Yik Yak. Once you permit it to access your location, your restoration will be accepted, and an account will be created for you.

When you open the Yik Yak app, you will find two feeds serving different purposes; The New and the Hot feeds. The New feed will show you Yaks or posts as soon as you open a Yik Yak account. On the other hand, the Hot feed would show you the most popular Yaks over the past 24 hours.

Final Words

You can check the Yik Yak app for further guidelines on how to use the app. Also, make sure you read its terms and conditions so you don’t get kicked all of a sudden. If you make a post on Yik Yak that you would like to delete later, follow the procedure I described at the beginning of this article.

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