How To Delete a Google Cloud Platform Account

How To Delete a Google Cloud Platform Account

Are you having difficulties deleting your google cloud platform account, or do you have two cloud accounts, but you only need to utilize one to avoid being charged for both? This article provides instructions on how to terminate your google cloud platform account.

How To Delete Google Cloud Platform Account

To close your Cloud Billing account or eliminate associated resources, follow these steps:

Step One: Sign in

Access the Google Cloud Console by logging in. Go to the Cloud Platform Console.

Step Two: Select the menu

Choose Menu; under the menu, go to “Billing & Settings” from the console’s menu in the top left corner.

Step three: Select billing overview

Select Billing overview from the “Billing” menu in the left navigation panel.

Step Four: Delete

Click Delete account under “Accounts.”

Please note: Review the cautionary message, then click Delete account once more to be certain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is a part of Google Cloud, including Google Workspace (G Suite), Android and Chrome OS for businesses, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for machine learning and enterprise mapping services.

Don’t mix it up; there is a difference between Google and Google Cloud.

Users can use Google as a search engine to find information online. The Google Cloud is a collection of cloud computing services. Google is a search engine, but Google Cloud is a collection of cloud computing services. This is the primary distinction between Google and Google Cloud.

Is Google Cloud cost-free?

Using Google Cloud won’t always be free. A free trial is available, though it only provides a certain number of resources each month.

Does Google charge after the free trial?

You may want to know if Google Cloud will automatically charge you after the free trial. The Google Cloud Platform free trial comes with a $300 credit that you can utilize over the course of a year. But when the free trial period finishes, does Google automatically begin billing you?

You don’t have to be concerned about being automatically charged once your free trial is over. You can use your credits as long as you want, but after that, if you want to continue utilizing Google Cloud Platform services, you’ll need to set up a payment method.

How to Remove a Cloud Billing account

It is important to note that before removing a cloud billing account, you must be the Cloud Billing Account Administrator to cancel a Cloud Billing account.

There are certain things to have in mind before terminating an active Cloud Billing account. All billable services in projects connected to an active Cloud Billing account, such as active VM instances or storage buckets, are stopped when the account is closed.

Projects cannot access Google Cloud, or Google Maps Platform paid services unless they are linked to an active and valid Cloud Billing account.

So before you go ahead with the process, ensure you link the relevant projects to another active Cloud Billing account if there are any resources in those projects that you want to remain running. Alternatively, using the Cloud Billing account, you can disable or turn off billing for all related projects.

Closing an account

  • Step One: Log in to the Google Cloud dashboard and visit the Manage billing accounts page.
  • Step Two: Log in to control your billing accounts
  • Step Three: To close a billing account, click the account name, and the billing account’s overview page will be displayed.
  • Step Four: Click Account Management from the Billing menu.
  • Step Five: Click cancel at the top of the page to close your billing account.

Please note that you will be charged for the usage you racked up before terminating your service when you close your Cloud Billing account. Except if you restart the service, this bill will be the last one you get.

How can my Google Cloud Platform account be permanently deleted?

  • Step One: Go to your Google Account page.
  • Step Two: Click Data & personalization on the left side of the screen.
  • Step Three: Select Delete a service or your account from the menu on the Delete, a service, or your account page.
  • Step Four: Click Delete your account on the Accounts panel.

How do I terminate my Google Cloud Platform subscription?

  • Step One: Log in to the Partner Sales Console using your Google Cloud Identity or Google Workspace reseller account.
  • Step Two: You will see the “Cancel a Google Cloud Subscription” section for further details.
  • Step Three: Choose the customer’s account from the list on the Customers page.
  • Step Four: Head on to cancel a Google Cloud Platform subscription.
  • Step Five: Change the status of your subscription


Deleting your google cloud platform can be confusing, but we got you covered. Follow our guide on how to delete the google cloud platform to delete your google cloud platform in a seamless manner.

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