How To Clean a Stylus Rubber Tip

how do I clean my stylus rubber tip

Your stylus pen’s rubber tip acts as a magnet for dust, and it is important for you to know when and how to clean it. Stylus pen rubber tip with plenty of dust produces a negative look and the stylus may start skipping, dragging, or sticking to the screen, which will not give you a good experience while using the touchscreen.

If your stylus starts dragging, skipping, or feeling sticky, then it is high time you learn how to clean your stylus. If you fail to clean the stylus, you will not be able to use it smoothly. The stylus rubber tip gets dry often, so you have to oil it when due.

Mind you, cleaning a stylus is a simple thing to do. Are you interested in learning how to clean and oil your rubber tip? If yes, we have provided this guide to teach you exactly how to clean and maintain your stylus rubber tip. Before that, there are a few things you need to learn to keep your stylus in good shape and quality for a long time.

How Should Your Stylus Feel?

How To Clean a Stylus Rubber Tip

The screens of devices such as tablets and phones are coated with a special layer that contains oleophobic properties. The coating is what makes gives the screen a smooth feel and also repels dirt.

The tip of a stylus pen is made from a soft and flexible material such as silicone or rubber, and they are designed to be gentle even on fragile screens. A stylus pen should glide over the screen surface as easier and more smoothly as your finger.

Sometimes, the stylus tip can serve as a magnet for grime and dust. Should you find out that your stylus is dragging, sticking, skipping, or may even be registered, it is proper time to clean the stylus rubber tip. If the tip is worn out, then it may be time to replace or purchase a new stylus pen.

How To Clean A Stylus Rubber Tip

Here are some sure ways to keep your stylus rubber tip clean:

1. Dry Clean

Dry cleaning remains the easiest way to clean the rubber tip of your stylus pen. No, I don’t mean taking the stylus to a laundryman to dry clean it. All you need to do is to get a clean cloth or cotton pad, then carefully use it to clean the rubber tip along with other parts of the stylus. While cleaning, don’t press the cotton pad strongly against the stylus, but use it gently.

This may be all you need to do to get your stylus back to its original smooth-gliding feel. Dry cleaning should be a regular practice done after a few days to keep the stylus pen free of grime, dust, and dirt.

The rubberized tip of most stylus pens are durable, so we recommend you start cleaning your stylus in the most gentle dust and gunk removal way. The stylus rubber tip accumulates so much dirt with time, and this may make it extremely difficult to clean the rubber tip by dry cleaning alone.

2. Soap and Water

If there is a stubborn buildup of dirt on your stylus tip, then you have to go the extra mile in cleaning your stylus by using gentle soap for scrubbing and water for rinsing. The soap and water solution is an effective way to clean the rubber tip of your stylus pen. Any soap, including dish soap, bathing soap, or basic hand soap should get the job done.

What you need to do is to dampen your cloth or cotton pad with water, now apply soap on the cloth or cotton pad. Then, gently rub the cotton on the rubber tip of the stylus. The cleaning agent or soap you use will help you get rid of the stains dirt and dust from the rubber. Any dust or dirt particles that obstruct the stylus’ ability to glide over the screen will be removed.

After the rubber tip is completely clean of dirt particles, wipe off the soap remainings with clean, neat water. Don’t be quick to use the damp stylus rubber tip on your screen but give it some time to dry after cleaning.

Purchase a New Stylus Pen

If your stylus has worn away and worn out as a result of your frequent use of it, it’ll cause excessive friction, and will not give you the smooth, optimal experience that you are looking for. At times, the rubber stylus tips get dry with time, then they start cracking. Using a rubber tip that has dried out can leave your screen looking rough, instead of looking smooth.

Your stylus may not be completely cleaned even after dry cleaning your stylus or using the soap and water method. Fortunately, there are quality stylus pens out there that are affordable. So, the best option is to replace your stylus and get a new one.

There are lots of fantastic and durable styli out there for Android, iPad Mini 4, iPhone, and other devices. Some of these pens come with a metallic mesh material that slides excellently well on the screen and they will give you the optimal experience you have been looking for.  

If the Stylus Rubber Tip Becomes Rough and Dry

Sometimes after using a stylus, the rubber tip becomes dry and the surface of the pen gets rough and starts offering friction. To fix this problem, gently rub the rubber tip on your head and the oil from your hair get to make a coating on the stylus rubber tip.

Now, the oil-coated rubber tip should be able to move easily, smoothly, and frictionlessly on your screen without sticking or dragging.

In the same vein, you can apply silicon grease to form a coating on the rubber tip to reduce its dryness. Thankfully, the coating will not make your stylus dirty as silicon grease is transparent.

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Best Stylus Pens

The Adonit dash 3 is the best stylus pen right now. The reason is that this pen is versatile and compatible with several devices. It offers a ton of amazing features and can be used both on Android phones and iOS devices. However, if you use an iPad or iPhone, then an Apple Pencil is the best stylus for you.

Amazon Basic 3 pack stylus and Digiroot universal stylus are some of the best stylus pens for android phones. If you are looking for the best stylus for drawing and sketching, you should consider getting the Adonit Pro 4, Meko stylus pen 2nd Gen and Universal digital stylus.

Why Should You Have a Clean Stylus Rubber Tip?

Typically, you expect your stylus to move freely and smoothly across your screen without friction. A worn-out stylus will only create fractures on the screens of your tablets and movie devices. However, if your stylus rubber tip is clean and well-oiled, it will run smoothly on your screen. Moreover, you will not be irritated by sticking or dragging. Hence, it reduces the risks of scratches on the screen of your device.

Cleanliness is very important, especially in maintaining your laptop, phones, tablets, and gadgets. When your stylus rubber tip is clean, you can use it without having any problems.

How To Maintain a Clean Stylus Rubber Tip?

best stylus pens

Taking care of your stylus should be what matters to you because the stylus has a sensitive rubber tip that is fragile and can be damaged easily. To take care of your stylus, first, keep it inside your pocket or place it in its holder on your mobile or tablet cover so that it doesn’t fall off when or after you have used it.

Of course, you know that the stylus has small in size, and can break its rubber tip if it falls unsuspectedly. If the stylus falls, it may not be able to swipe smoothly on your touchscreen because its fractured rubber tip can do damage to your screen.

While using your stylus, ensure that you keep it neat and clean always. Stylus pens typically come with a cleaning piece that can be located at their back. Open them from the back, get the cotton piece and rub it carefully all over the stylus. This should help you keep your stylus neat and clean for long-term use.

If you maintain the culture of cleaning your stylus regularly after a short while, the dust will not rest on it and your stylus will look neat and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of rubber is the stylus made of?

The rubber on your stylus is a soft rubber compound.

Do stylus pens wear out as fast as ballpoint pens?

Unlike ballpoint pens, stylus pens do not wear out quickly but they require regular cleaning and maintenance. Your stylus pen can become blunt with time if you fail to take care of them. Therefore, it is important for you to replace your stylus tip a couple of months after use or when they start showing signs of wear.

What is the stylus tip made of?

Typically, stylus tips are constructed with different materials such as rubber, plastic, and metal. The tip of the stylus is designed to glide easily and smoothly over the screen of your phone or tablet, thereby giving you a precise, accurate cursor movement.

How does a rubber tip stylus work?

The rubber tip on the stylus pen work because they cause a ‘grip’ on the touchscreen. This grip is what keeps the stylus from slipping and it also causes you to make precise movements on the screen with ease.

What makes a stylus rubber tip work?

There are certain factors that make the rubber tip of the stylus work. First, the stylus should be able to touch the screen without leaving any smudges or fingerprints and the tip should be soft enough not to cause damage to the screen.

Why won’t my stylus pen work on my iPad/iPhone?

There are certain reasons why your stylus may not work for your device but you can always find a solution to the problem. One of the reasons why your stylus may not work for your iPad or iPhone is that the stylus isn’t charging properly. Secondly, another possibility is that the stylus isn’t compatible with your iPad or device.

How to fix a soft rubber tip pen?

If the tip of your pen is soft, you can simply fix it by heating it up and after then, pressing it down against a hard surface.

How to fix a soft rubber tip pen?

If the tip of your pen is soft, you can simply fix it by heating it up and after then, pressing it down against a hard surface.

How long should a stylus tip last?

A stylus tip typically lasts around 3 to 6 months before it needs to be replaced.

What are the disadvantages of using a stylus?

There are some disadvantages that you should have in mind whenever you are using a stylus. The common disadvantage is that you cannot glide the stylus just the way you would use your finger to swipe the touchscreen. Another disadvantage is that it can be difficult to precisely place the pen on the screen and get accuracy when writing or drawing.  The most common disadvantage is that the stylus pen can wear down quickly after regular or frequent use.


You can revive and bring back the smooth-gliding life of your stylus by cleaning it regularly. Perhaps your stylus is worn down and beyond repair, you can consider finding a replacement. Cleaning the stylus is not as difficult or technical as many may think.

In this guide, we provided two effective ways to clean a stylus rubber tip. You can either dry clean it or use soap for cleaning it until it is sparkling clean. Whenever you are cleaning your stylus, ensure that you clean it with care so as not to damage it. Remember that stylus pens are great tools but can only work properly if they are not dirty.

If you take proper care of your stylus, it will last a long time and provide great usage. Just make sure to clean the tip from time to time. We hope that this article has provided you with tips and insights into learning the best way to make a stylus rubber tip clean.

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