Hollow Knight Player Count

Hollow Knight Player Count

Many people have wondered to know the number of players playing Hollow Knight at the same time. Hollow Knight is a side-scrolling Metropolitan video game released in 2017 by a developer known as Team Cherry.

The game is set in a fictional underground kingdom called “Hallownest”, which has been infected with a supernatural disease.  Players in this game control a silent, nameless insectoid knight who is a warrior. The Knight uses a sword called a Nail in combat activities and environmental interaction.

In this article, we will find out the number of people playing Hollow Knight. So, if you want to know how many play Hollow Knight, you need to see this.

How Many People Are Playing Hollow Knight Right Now?

Hollow Knight has 5,735 concurrent players on all platforms. The live player data is pulled from all the platforms and devices it supports, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

The all-time peak for players playing Hollow Knight on Steam is 20,169. See the table to see how the game fared during the previous months:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days5,893.812,391
October 20234,378.810,949
September 20234,323.07,494
August 20234,761.37,084
July 20237,053.610,943
June 20234,328.67,538
May 20234,003.86,890
April 20234,781.09,126
March 20235,184.610,564
February 20235,333.98,374
January 20237,304.711,394
December 20226,415.411,142
November 20225,780.510,917
October 20224,357.711,617
September 20224,063.76,950
August 20225,024.47,547
July 20227,377.411,936
June 20226,570.910,778
May 20228,483.020,169
April 20224,984.38,631
March 20225,917.311,349
February 20226,862.113,699
January 20227,396.612,236
December 20216,510.012,422
November 20215,387.510,685
October 20214,023.910,520
September 20214,829.68,588
August 20216,951.012,781
July 20216,961.711,768
June 20214,470.810,582
May 20213,219.75,092
April 20213,526.45,649
March 20213,824.66,070
February 20214,686.86,538
January 20216,291.09,879
December 20205,034.29,573
November 20203,941.18,364
October 20203,100.26,077
September 20203,608.46,134
August 20205,029.49,029
July 20205,482.48,904
June 20203,735.57,525
May 20205,091.911,437
April 20204,115.910,709
March 20203,972.35,911
February 20204,041.76,945
January 20204,027.07,036
December 20192,855.47,297
November 20192,682.26,605
October 20191,772.75,226
September 20191,820.13,228
August 20192,304.23,592
July 20193,819.66,665
June 20192,160.66,236
May 20191,550.62,663
April 20191,586.22,830
March 20192,384.94,843
February 20193,126.85,667
January 20192,818.74,599
December 20182,197.74,094
November 20182,114.84,037
October 20182,002.83,544
September 20182,986.07,361
August 20182,780.410,029
July 20182,708.74,776
June 20181,565.14,665
May 20181,120.51,901
April 20181,573.82,875
March 20181,118.72,221
February 20181,411.92,615
January 20182,097.64,009
December 20171,728.13,780
November 20171,519.83,035
October 20171,047.13,050
September 2017889.61,644
August 20171,833.64,702
July 20172,481.95,635
June 20171,471.26,027
May 2017809.61,995
April 2017728.91,305
March 20171,126.52,027
February 2017192.32,077
January 20172.06
December 20160.94

The list of top countries playing Hollow Knight include:

  • United States.
  • China.
  • Russia.
  • France.
  • Canada.

About Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2017 action-adventure video game developed and launched by Tea Cherry. The game sets in Hallownest, an underground kingdom made of many inter-connected places.

Players will encounter several nasty bugs, bosses, and other creatures during their gameplay. The player is provided with Nail, a sword used to attack the enemy. Players can also learn spells, which is great for long-range attacks.

As a knight, you start the game with a limited number of masks. Players can increase their number of masks by collecting mask shards. Some areas feature enemies and bosses, which the player must defeat to progress to the next level. The False Knight is the first boss enemy you must defeat in the game.

Defeating the bosses allows the player to gain new abilities. Later in this game, players will acquire a special sword called the “Dream Nail”, which grants access to the minds of Hallowest’s creatures.

This powerful sword will be useful for taking down stronger and tougher bosses in the game. When you defeat the final boss, you will get access to a new game mode known as “Steel Soul”. Players will also encounter bug-themed non-player characters (NPCs) in this game and interact with them.

Where To Play Hollow Knight?

You can play Hollow Knight on any of these platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows.
  • macOS.
  • Linux.
  • Nintendo Switch.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • Xbox One.


Hollow Knight takes place in a competitive environment where you can roam, discover mysteries, and fight enemies. As a knight, you collect “shards”, which can increase the character’s health. Also, you unlock new powers and abilities after defeating bosses.

We will update this post periodically to keep you posted on the Hollow Knight live player count. Don’t forget to see the recommended posts below.

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