Gran Turismo Sport Player Count

GT Sport Player Count

Gran Turismo Sport, or GT Sport for short, is a popular racing game on PS4. GT Sport is the 13th installment in the Gran Turismo series and was officially released on October 17, 2017.

Competitive online racing is the primary focus of the Gran Turismo video game. The game is supported by international agencies and corporations, including the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Sony has mentioned that Gran Turismo Sport peaked at 14 million players. This is good news for Polyphony Digital, the game’s developers. Racing games such as GT Sport and Forza Horizon 5 are on the rise, attracting millions of players every month.

In this article, we will discover the Gran Turismo Player count. This page will show you the number of people playing GT Sport worldwide.

How Many People Are Playing Gran Turismo Sport Right Now?

There are over 90,592 people playing Gran Turismo Sport concurrently on all devices. The top countries playing GT Sport are:

  • Japan.
  • United States.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Canada.
  • France.

About Gran Turismo Sport

GT Sport, or Gran Turismo Sport, is a PS4 game developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As mentioned earlier, GT Sport is the thirteenth edition of the Gran Turismo series. It was officially launched on October 17, 2017, for PlayStation 4.

This racing game is governed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). At the time of release, the game had 168 cars and 29 tracks, but with new updates, the number of track and vehicles in the game have increased. As of July 2021, the game has over 338 cars and 82 tracks.

GT Sport offers two game modes – sport mode and arcade mode. The arcade mode is a popular option for online players who wish to race with each other. Also, it features online racing. Unlike previous versions, players can save their game in online mode.

Gran Turismo also features different types of vehicles, including Porsche and Mazda cars. The Sport Mode consists of three daily races, which are presented every week. Each individual is given a DR, an acronym for “Driver Rating”, based on his driving skills, compliance with racing flags and rules, avoidance content, attitude on the track, and Sportsmanship Rating (SR).

GT Sport is played by millions of people worldwide. As of June 2019, Gran Turismo Sport sold over eight million units worldwide. The game continues to go through regular updates, which should keep the player population at an optimal level.

We will update the monthly GT Sport player count to keep up with the fluctuating player population. Consider reading the article below for more content:

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