How Hard is Gaming At a Standing Desk?

How Hard is Gaming At a Standing Desk

Gaming at a standing desk offers more flexibility and proven physical benefits such as reduced back, neck, and shoulder pain.

However, it is quite hard to game at a standing desk when you use laptops, especially when there is not enough room.

Concerns about having sore feet at the end of the day also add to the difficulty of gaming at a standing desk. Hence, it is not advised to use a standing desk for very long gaming hours as it can be detrimental to your overall health.

You might have seen gamers use a standing desk in their game set-up, and you love the look of it, the flexibility and all.

But, I am pretty sure you have also thought about how hard it might be game at a standing desk. The primary reason why most gamers use standing desks is to get increased energy expenditure, and better posture.

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health, this explains why experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour.

Gaming at a standing desk is advisable, but how hard is it? 

It is something you will have to struggle to get used to?

Does it affect your game performance?

In this post, I will share with you the things that make gaming at a standing desk quite difficult, the benefits, and how you can get the most out of gaming at a standing desk.

Before we dive in, A particular Harvard study shows that the number of calories burned while standing per hour is 88.

In other words, as gamers, you are not only improving your posture by gradually going from sitting to standing, but also your health.

If someone has ever told you that gaming at a standing desk is very hard, he or she may have reasons for saying that.

What Makes Gaming at a Standing Desk Hard?

Obviously, the popularity of standing desks in gaming has been growing because of the many health benefits.

Many people use a standing desk for their game set up because of the enhanced flexibility and improved posture they get while standing to play their games.

This is, of course, desirable, especially when you are an avid gamer. But the truth is that for someone who is used to sitting down and playing games all this while, it can be very hard to master the posture of standing while playing.

Not to mention the effects that prolonged standing that cause after long hours of playing.

So gaming at a standing desk may be quite difficult for those who are new to it, or have not mastered the posture yet, and here is why:

1. Using a Laptop 

Especially in cases where there is not enough room between the laptop being used and the person using it, using a laptop for gaming on a standing desk can be very difficult.

In addition, you are likely to face problems with your arms and necks while gaming at the standing desk since you will have to contort them into unusual positions in order to properly play or work.

This, again, goes to say it is not advised to use a standing desk for long gaming hours.

2. Sore feet

If you are not used to standing for long periods of time, you will realize that using a standing desk is not all that convenient.

When you first start gaming at a standing desk, it is most likely that you will have sore feet. This is because your feet begin to take weight at times when they were not accustomed to doing so.

This can pose a problem because it can constrain you from gaming for as long as you would like to while using a standing desk.

What Makes Gaming at a Standing Desk Easy?

How Hard is Gaming At a Standing Desk

During intense gaming sessions, gamers crave whatever will make them more focused. This is one advantage when you opt for a standing desk in your game set-up.

An ideal Standing desk for gaming will have more specialized needs with multiple monitors, cable management, and lift capacity, which will make it easier to use.

I usually boast of this FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk as it has been designed with all the features of an ideal easy-to-use and easy-to-assemble standing desk, which will serve as an extension of your PC or console setup.

One of the ways a standing desk can bring about ease in gaming, especially for long hours, is on the ergonomics.

1. Better Ergonomics

It is advised that the height of your keyboard and the position of your monitor is carefully considered before playing in any position because the right ergonomics will give you comfort.

With an adjustable standing desk, you can be able to bring ergonomic perfection to your gaming setup.

When you want to invest in an ideal Standing desk, most of them are designed with beveled comfort desktop edges, ergonomic keyboard trays, and the ability to mount stable monitor arms.

These features actually help you as a gamer to get accustomed to gaming while standing.

2. Great Energy Boost

It is a known fact that standing up gives you a great energy boost. By gradually changing your gaming position from sitting to sanding, you will realize how better of a gamer you will become. Standing while games give you that free body movement and increased blood circulation.

3. Long Gaming Hours

You will be able to game longer when you are comfortable, energetic, focused, and feeling healthy.

The flexibility and comfort derived from adjustable-height standing desks make it easier to endure gaming marathons for long hours. But, you should also consider avoiding sore feet by sitting after a long while.

Final Words

In recent times, serious gamers are now considering using a standing desk to boost their potential and take their gaming to the next level.

However, there are still other serious gamers who are looking at investing in a standing desk for gaming but are still skeptical about how easy it may be to adjust to the posture.

We have been able to look into the concept of gaming at a standing desk, what makes it hard, and why it is recommended.

While this post has been able to cover some important factors, I hope it will help people who are looking into standing desks for their gaming.

All in all, gaming at a standing desk is not difficult, in fact, it is much preferable since many standing desk manufacturers are now creating gaming-specific standing desks.

Ideal standing desks for gaming are designed with excellent cable management, multiple monitor compatibility, and high lift capacity for any kind of gaming setup you have.

It gives you more flexibility, energy, focus, and comfort.

My recommendation for most gamers, however, is to invest in a full electric standing desk.

Not only because it provides a larger surface area and saves sitting and standing height memory settings for two people, but also because it is a type that offers high lift capacity which allows you to raise and lower a full gaming setup complete without hassle.

This means that you will be able to adjust the gaming desk while it has multiple large monitors, speakers, desktop PC, and other equipment on it.

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