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Who hasn’t heard of Fortnite? The game is one of the biggest in the world and, perhaps, one of the best of all time. Since Fortnite is one of the popular games, it may interest you to know how many people play it.

Since its release, Fortnite hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down but is quickly surpassing our expectations to become a gaming community favorite.

The game rose to prominence in 2017, and currently, it has a fast-growing player base and audience. The game’s developer, Epic Games, has taken things to the next level by collaborating with big names like Marvel, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. In this post, we will discover how many people currently play Fortnite.

Fortnite Player Count: How Many People Are Playing Right Now?

Currently, over 1,163,217 players are playing Fortnite right now. Below is the chart of player count over the previous months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days223,483,38715,405,455
October 2023223,483,38714,898,892
September 2023231,349,26215,423,284
August 2023237,524,91015,834,994
July 2023239,199,30515,946,620
June 2023242,989,94816,199,330
May 2023234,546,28215,636,419
April 2023233,068,62715,537,908
March 2023236,762,116236,762,116
February 2023229,866,13215,324,409
January 2023252,600,14525,260,015
December 2022251,656,50725,165,651
November 2022250,144,75625,014,476
October 2022251,025,59825,102,560
September 2022253,565,01029,582,585
August 2022257,404,12327,456,440
July 2022255,014,41328,051,585
June 2022264,501,16630,858,469
May 2022269,155,46624,223,992
April 2022268,051,14324,124,603
March 2022271,011,54624,391,039
February 2022269,057,70624,215,194
January 2022272,710,22624,543,920
December 2021275,066,41724,755,978
November 2021277,050,14624,934,513
October 2021279,665,01425,169,851
September 2021276,602,21424,894,199
August 2021279,855,01625,186,951
July 2021283,665,01630,950,114
June 2021281,662,01431,123,565
May 2021290,144,76035,011,479
April 2021285,011,46533,014,465
March 2021278,014,46730,144,709
February 2021263,221,42928,544,163
January 2021236,501,14625,115,476
December 2020221,014,55422,715,791
November 2020210,221,40625,491,419
October 2020264,884,16423,244,208
September 2020267,531,90210,701,276
August 2020292,866,25515,619,534
July 2020281,575,62511,263,025
June 2020265,228,86611,493,251
May 2020281,688,30011,267,532
April 2020270,750,00011,732,500
March 2020285,000,00014,250,000
February 2020276,480,00011,980,800
January 2020259,920,00010,396,800
December 2019221,616,0009,603,360
November 2019208,417,5369,031,427
October 2019163,675,7288,183,786
September 2019173,785,1116,951,404
August 2019165,095,8567,154,154
July 2019147,091,7186,373,974
June 2019193,457,5869,672,879

Obviously, this number fluctuates and is expected to go up or down depending on the game’s popularity.

More than 250 million people get to play Fortnite every month. This year, they have claimed above the 500 million mark and will likely outgrow this number in the coming months.

Fortnite has more active players from the following countries:

  • United States.
  • Russia.
  • Brazil.
  • Poland.
  • Mexico.

Like most game developers and publishers, Epic Games do not regularly disclose statistical records of their games and player count with the community, making it hard to get precise reports. However, we have provided useful information on how many people play Fortnite.

Back in 2020, Epic Games recorded up to 350 million registered on Fortnite, a big increase from their player base of 78.3 million in August 2018. In 2021, Epic was reported to have recorded over 400 million registered players on Fortnight.

About Fortnite

Fortnite is a multiplayer online video game developed and released by Epic Games in 2017. Initially, it was launched for devices such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, macOS, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia platforms.

The game has three unique game modes. While the general gameplay is the same everywhere, you will find some differences playing the three game modes.

The game’s first mode, called “Fortnite: Save the World” was exclusively developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and macOS and was later published for web browsers as well as mobile devices like Android and iOS.

How Many People Are Playing Fortnite

The Save the World mode features four players who work together to defend their shelter from attack. The game begins after a devastating storm wipes over 98% of the population. The remainders, the survivors, struggle to deal with zombies who wish to feast on them. In this mode, players need to get sufficient resources to beat the enemies and save the world.

The second game mode is known as Fortnite Battle Royale, a player vs. environment survival battle. Players can play alone, in twos, or in a squad of three or four people in this mode.

In the Fortnite Battle Royale mode, players without weapons are air-dropped on the map. Once they land, they search the area for weapons to defend, vehicles, tools, and resources to defend themselves and help their quest.

Up to a hundred people fight each other to be the last survivor. You aim to kill everyone before the timer runs out and survive as long as possible. Ideally, you want to remain alive to finish the mission.

Lastly, the third gameplay mode is Fortnite Creative, a sandbox game. Using the provided items, players can create custom games and spawn anything on the island. Here, players may use pick-ax to take down structures on the map to construct other structures. As the name suggests, it is a creative game but with many challenges.

Players receive various accessories from game objectives and assignments, including hero figures, trap schematics, and weapons to improve their quality and performance. In all three Fortnite modes, the player’s objective is to remain alive for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Play Fortnite every day?

It is estimated that over 30 million people play Fortnite everyone across all devices and platforms.

How Many Users Does Fortnite Have?

Fortnite has more than 400 million registered users.

How Many People Have Played Fortnite?

More than 600 million people have played Fortnite worldwide.

Fortnite is an incredible game and is very popular in the gaming community. Check out the posts below to find out how many people play other games.

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