How To Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Connect

How To Fix PS4 Controller Won't Connect

Every PS4 player sometimes attempts to play the game, but you can find that the controller is not connected. Then you will try to troubleshoot the controller’s connection issues. But in most cases, you feel disappointed when your efforts are not enough to fix it. Here, I will share how to fix the PS4 controller that won’t connect easily and quickly!

The PS4 controller connection issue can be an annoying experience that anyone can encounter. The PS4 controller has a USB cable that connects it to the console and takes only a few minutes to set up. But if it doesn’t work correctly, your gaming session may become frustrating; you may need to start again.

You might have run into this issue if you own a PS4 controller and play games on your PC. I know how it can be; it isn’t pleasant. Your PS4 controller won’t connect. You plug in the USB cable, press the connect button, and nothing happens. You can see the light bar move when you push down on the sticks, but no sound signals that it is connected.

Let’s find out what could cause the PS4 controller to lose connection and how to fix it. Here I’m giving you a step-by-step guide on how to fix a PS4 controller that’s not connecting.

What Could Cause The PS4 Controller To Lose Its Connection?

Some of the reasons are:

  • The controller might lose sync with your device on its own due to a hardware problem or because it may have been synced with another console or a different device.
  • Using damaged cables or using damaged USB ports.
  • Interfering Bluetooth signals from other devices can distort the ability of your PS4 controller to link up wirelessly.
  • Now we have gotten wind of a few reasons why your PS4 controller won’t connect, let’s see some tips on ensuring it is fixed and reasonable to go in no time.

How to Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Connect

1. Try To Reset Your PS4 Controller

ps4 controller won't connect after reset

If you can’t link up your PS4 controller, you can reset it and have a go at fixing the problem. This is one standard and straightforward method for improving your controller’s connection.

To reset the PS4 controller, try doing the following things.

  • Switch your PS4 off. 
  • Try getting a paper clip that isn’t bent or something almost identical.
  • Utilize the paper clip to press the controller’s little reset button. You should see the reset button close to the shoulder button L2. Try holding the button for quite a while and let go of it.
  • From that point forward, try to link it up with the PS4 console before you switch on your PS4.

2. Connect your Controller Using a USB Data Cable

A data cable can be utilized if you are experiencing difficulty linking your controller, mainly through Bluetooth. However, assuming that you have proactively connected your controller with the assistance of the micro USB link, you should change the cable to another one.

Although you stand the chance of not being able to link your controller, try to utilize an alternate USB link or a micro USB cable. The miniature USB connector is like the link used by most Android cell phones.

If you have more USB cords, that would be better, as you can evaluate any of those. To check the cords’ capabilities, connecting them would be followed by restarting your game console. If this takes the hitch out for you, the game console will immediately be acknowledged, which will connect your Controller.

3. Restart Your PS4 Console

If an issue with your controller leads to corruption in the console, this may prompt a severed connection with the controller. To rectify this, try restarting your PS4 console by following the instructions below.

  • Press and then hold your PS4 console’s power button. You can try utilizing a paperclip to hold the L2 button in place.
  • The button should only be released after hearing the 2nd beep.
  • You then have to disconnect the power link.
  • After about 2-3 minutes, try plugging it back.
  • From that point onward, the controller can as well be plugged back.
  • You will switch the PS4 and check if the controller is in great shape.

4. Take a Look at your Battery

If you are using a wireless PS4 controller and can’t link it up, you might need to look hard at its battery. Moreover, if your regulator has a low battery, the controller may become intermittently disconnected.

Once in a while, the controller’s light bar will keep flashing because of a terrible battery. As such, changing the battery might be an ideal problem solver.

To check and change the battery, try following the steps below.

  • Plug in your controller with a USB link after you turn the console on.
  • Press your controller’s power button before looking at the quick menu.
  • The battery icon left half of the quick menu should then be observable by you.

You can then take a stab at charging it basically for 60 minutes. After you do this, have a go at squeezing the button to link up the controller, and afterward, you can disconnect the cable.

You must change the USB port or cable if you can’t charge your controller. If either doesn’t work out, take a stab at changing the charging port or battery of the controller.

If you can’t check or charge the battery of your controller, however, try resetting the controller or updating the console.

5. Beware of Interference with your Bluetooth Connections

Assuming that you are utilizing that wireless controller of yours and it continues to get disengaged, there may be an impedance of some kind. Bluetooth gadgets, as a rule, ought to be turned off so that no impedance occurs.

The more Bluetooth connections, the more severe the disturbance will be. Try to disconnect different links that you are presently not utilizing. Furthermore, you can remain closer to the console to ensure less impedance.

Tablets, laptops, or smartwatches are some of the gadgets that could lead to the obstruction or loss of signals.

6. Try To Update the Controller Drivers on Microsoft Windows

If you typically play on Windows, downloading or refreshing the controller driver via the Microsoft store could be ideal. Try downloading the Microsoft.Net Framework before installing the DS4 Windows.

Doing this introduces the necessary updates for the controller drivers. You can proceed to refresh it either with a manual or automatic approach.


​If you are facing the same problem and cannot connect your Playstation 4 controller to your PC, follow the simple steps mentioned in this post. I hope the tips above will help you fix your PS4 controller when it loses its connection. Have an excellent gaming experience.

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