How To Fix FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Error

How To Fix FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Error

Are you among the gamers experiencing difficulty downloading patch files in FFXIV? If FFXIV cannot download patch files, the screen freezes and turns black, and after some seconds, an error message appears saying, “ffxiv unable to download patch files”. Don’t worry; we will tell you why you are having this issue and provide working solutions.

Final Fantasy 14, or Final Fantasy XIV, is a unique and exciting online multiplayer game with fantastic storylines and characters. Over the years, this game has topped the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMO RPG). The game developers release updates frequently to resolve any errors and fix bugs.

Still, many users complain about not downloading patch files when installing updates. The error is one of the serious problems of Final Fantasy XIV, and if you have this issue, you should fix it as soon as possible.

FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Error Problem

Luckily for you, we will show you the different methods to fix this issue. Continue reading this guide to see the solutions for FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Error.

Causes of FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files

If you are experiencing the FFXIV unable to download patch files error, the entire download process will be impeded. As reported by users, this error happens due to network problems or geographic region issues.

Other factors that contribute to the FFXIV cannot download patch files problem include:

  • Incompatible DNS settings.
  • Windows Firewall settings.
  • Antivirus suite blocking updates.
  • Poor network/internet connection.
  • Country/Geographic location.
  • Temporary server error.
  • Configuration problems with in-game settings.

How to Resolve FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files Error

If you want to get rid of the download patch files FFXIV error on your computer, here are some effective solutions to fix the issue.

1. Restart Your PC

Generally, the idea that comes to mind when facing issues with FFXIV is to restart your computer. Obviously, you know how to restart your PC. Click the Settings icon and click on restart; it’s that simple.

After restarting your computer, check if the error is gone. If the error hasn’t disappeared, you may keep trying other options below.

2. Check the Game Server Status

As earlier stated, the temporary server error is one of the causes of this issue. You are likely facing the FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files 30413 due to temporary issues with the game’s server. Since the game is MMO RPG, you’d expect many users to be connected to the server, which could slow down the server or cause server downtime.

Temporary server issues are beyond your control; hence, you can do little to fix them. You only need to exercise patience as the server might be undergoing maintenance. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do:

  • Check the game forums on different online platforms for updates.
  • Check for any announcements or reports related to server issues.
  • Use websites like DownDetector to see the downtime/uptime status.
  • Contact your friends or players in your gaming community to know if they are facing the same issue.

3. Restart Your Router

Restarting your router is one of the simple and easy ways to fix the FFXIV cannot download patch files issue. After restarting your router, check if the error is fixed.

4 Reconnect PC to Ethernet/Wi-Fi Network

Another way to fix FFXIV cannot download patch file issues on your PC is to ensure that your computer is connected to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. However, they shouldn’t be connected to your device at the same time.

If you notice any interruptions between your wired and wireless connections, follow the instructions below to reconnect them.

  • Disconnect your network connection.
  • Please wait for some time and reconnect it again.
  • If the Ethernet cord is plugged into your PC, disconnect it.
  • Reconnect the Ethernet cable after a while

5. Check Network Speed

Bad network speed or poor internet connectivity is one of the common causes of this problem. You must ensure that your computer is connected to a reliable network. If your PC is not connected to a strong network, you will experience the unable to update patch files FFXIV problem.

Since this game requires a fast and reliable internet connection, you should strengthen your network connection. You are recommended to perform a speed test to ascertain the strength of your internet connection. is one of the reliable websites to know your internet speed.

If you have a weak internet connection, you may consider switching to other devices like a modem, mobile hotspot, or a wired/wireless network. Before running the game, try visiting some websites on the internet to see how fast the speed is. You want to ensure you have at least 5 Mbps speed to run the game.

6. Run FFXIV As Administrator

If you want to reduce or prevent the FFXIV cannot download patch files on your PC, you should consider running the game as an administrator. Running games as an administrator have helped resolve many errors faced by players.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Right-click the FFXIV app on your desktop. If you don’t have the shortcut on your desktop, you can go to the installation directory and then right-click.
  • Select the Properties option.
  • Switch to the Compatibility tab.
  • Mark the box for ‘Run this program as an administrator’.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

7. Close All Background Processes

You would not be able to access your network smoothly if there were many background processes on your PC because these processors collect a share of the network.

When there are many background processors in your computer, it affects the RAM; that is, the RAM consumption becomes slow, which reduces your computer’s overall performance.

You can easily fix this by closing your computer’s background processes. After ending all the background processes, confirm if the Final Fantasy XIV cannot download patch files issue has been fixed.

8. Check Drive Space and Remove Temporary Files

If your computer does not have enough drive space to install new updates from Final Fantasy XIV, you may be unable to download patch files problem. First, you would want to recheck the drive space and clean the temporary files (if necessary).

Follow the steps below to check the drive space in Windows 10:

  • Step 1: Press and hold Windows + E keys simultaneously. Pressing these two buttons will open the File Manager.
  • Step 2: Click on This PC from the options in the left menu.
  • Step 3: Check your disk space under ‘Devices and drivers‘.

If there is a little space in your drive, it will be marked in red. This is another cause of the unable to update path files issue. Therefore, delete unnecessary files and free up space on your computer system.

9. Repair System Files

If your Windows PC has any damaged or corrupted system configuration files, you will face this issue. These damaged system files will affect your system’s performance and cause your computer to malfunction.

Fortunately, you can fix these corrupt and damaged files using the inbuilt features System File Checker and Deployment Image Servicing and Management features on your computer.

10. Delete The Problematic 4e9a232b Folder

Many players are reported to have fixed this issue by removing a problematic game folder in file explorer. Deleting this folder will remove all the corrupt files of the game from your computer system.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Start Menu and click on ‘My computer’. Alternatively, simultaneously press and hold Windows + E keys to open the File Manager.
  • Step 2: Go to Documents on the left side menu.
  • Step 3: Open the My Games folder.

Step 4: When you open the My Games folder, you will see a folder named ‘Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn‘.

  • Step 5: Open the Downloads folder.
  • Step 6: Open the Patch folder.
  • Step 7: When you open the patch folder, you will see the 4e9a232b folder.
  • Step 8: Right-click and delete the 4e9a232b folder from your computer.

11. Use a VPN

If, at this point, you are yet to fix the unable to update the FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files (30413 25008 10009) issue; you can try using a VPN. Many players have successfully fixed this error using VPN services.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your internet connection, making it more anonymous and private. It changes your IP address and geographical location and prevents your ISP from snooping on your internet activity. However, one of the drawbacks of VPNs is that they reduce download/internet speeds.

Some network restrictions are imposed on you by your ISP, but thanks to VPN software, you can bypass those restrictions and access blocked servers, data files, platforms, and websites.

If you haven’t used a VPN or don’t use it too often, you may be confused about which VPN software to use. There are lots of free VPNs on the internet, but they are not reliable at all. As a matter of fact, you will regret using them because they can easily be detected and blacklisted.

Therefore, you should use a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN to enjoy high-quality features such as fast speeds, strict zero-logs policy, Proprietary Lightway VPN protocol, kill switch, and 24/7 live chat support.

After subscribing to ExpressVPN, follow the steps below to complete the setup on your computer:

  • Download the app for your PC.
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Launch the program.
  • Log in using your account credentials.
  • Click on any country or server of your choice.
  • When you select a server, the VPN software automatically hides your real IP address and gives you a new one based on the country you are connected to.
  • Run the game while the VPN connection is active and see if the issue persists.

12. Update Windows OS

You can quickly fix all the bugs and faulty issues with your computer by updating your PC’s operating system. If you are using Windows, Microsoft releases updates regularly to you fix all those issues.

Before updating your Windows operating system, you must first whether you are using an outdated or updated version. After updating your Windows OS, check if the error has been resolved.

13. Change The DNS Settings

There are chances you could fix the FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files PC error by tweaking your DNS settings.

Domain Name System, also known as DNS, can be said to be the internet’s phonebook. Through this system, the internet translates domain names into IP addresses. Domain Name System is indispensable to establishing an internet connection.

Sometimes, the DNS addresses provided by your ISP may be slow. Therefore, you may be unable to update your computer system patch files in Final Fantasy XIV.

You can fix this by changing or reconfiguring your DNS settings. You can consider using Open DNS or Google DNS.



Open DNS


As seen above, Google uses and IP addresses to establish a reliable and secure DNS connection between the client and the server. Follow the steps below to adjust your DNS settings:

  • Step 1: Open up the Run Window.
  • Step 2: Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ in the search field and hit Enter.
  • Step 3: Select your network in the new window.
  • Step 4: Open the network connection Properties.
  • Step 5: Select the Internet Protocol version (usually IPv4).
  • Step 6: Click on the Properties option.
  • Step 7: Now enter the DNS server addresses below in their sections.
  • Step 8: Type in the Preferred DNS server field.
  • Step 9: Also type in the Alternate DNS server field.
  • Step 10: Validate your changes and click OK.
  • Step 11: Restart your PC to apply these changes.

If the error persists, return to steps 8 and 9 and change the preferred and alternate DNS server field to, which is Google’s DNS. You can still switch from Google DNS to Open DNS at any point.

14. Roll Back GPU Drivers

Your current GPU drivers may cause issues with the game, so you may have to restore the previous versions of the drivers you installed. Using an old version of the GPU driver might fix this error.

15. Update GPU Drivers

Graphical drivers are known for heavy graphical images and video processing games. If you have any issues downloading a Final Fantasy XIV update, you are advised to try updating your device drivers. These device drivers serve as the link between your computer’s hardware and operating system.

Many players reported fixing the unable to update patch files FFXIV error by updating their GPU driver, so you may want to do the same.

16. Reinstall GPU Drivers

Let the error appears after updating your GPU drivers; you may consider reinstalling your device drivers, and hopefully, they might fix any incompatibility issues.

17. Create a New User Account

Your current user profile may have been corrupted, contributing to the error you are facing. Therefore, you should create another user account and see if it resolves the problem.

18. Disable Windows Firewall

The Windows Defender Firewall on your PC can stop updating FFXIV files, probably for security issues. If the Windows Defender blocks the game, you must temporarily enable or deactivate the firewall security from your PC settings.

However, this method is not always recommended for security reasons, and I will explain. Any computer system without a security program or feature is exposed to threats and attacks.

So if you cannot fix this issue after deactivating the windows defender firewall functionality, ensure you enable the firewall again.

19. Disable Any Antivirus Program Temporarily

Sometimes, your antivirus software programs may prevent you from installing new updates on your computer. Many antivirus programs are known to have compatibility issues with other applications on the Windows PC.

Antivirus software programs such as Avast and Norton, for instance, might prevent new FFXIV updates from being installed on your PC.

Therefore, you should deactivate the antivirus software, including Windows Defender and any other third-party antivirus program, as it may block you from downloading and installing an update.

If you managed to install FFXIV updates on your PC, don’t forget to reactivate the antivirus program you disabled; otherwise, your computer system may face threats and be under attack. On the contrary, even if the error persists, it is definitely not from the antivirus software.

Therefore, you may want to enable the antivirus program you temporarily disabled and try the next solution below.

20. Reinstall FFXIV

If you have tried out all the solutions in this troubleshooting guide without seeing success, there’s one more method you need to try out. You can uninstall the FFXIV program, reboot your computer and reinstall it.

We have outlined the steps here for easy understanding:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys simultaneously. The Windows Settings will open when you press these two buttons together.
  • Step 2: Click on Apps.
  • Step 3: Locate FINAL FANTASY FXIV and click on it.
  • Step 4: Click on the Uninstall option.
  • Step 5: Follow the prompts (if any).
  • Step 6: Reboot your PC after uninstalling the Final Fantasy XIV program.
  • Step 7: Visit the official FFXIV website.
  • Step 8: Select your language and region.
  • Step 9: Download the game.
  • Step 10: Go to My Downloads.
  • Step 11: Run the FINAL FANTASY FXIV setup file you downloaded.
  • Step 12: Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.

You may have to restart your PC after completing the installation. Hopefully, this will help resolve any Final Fantasy XIV app issues.


This post provided over twenty ways to fix the FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files problem. We hope this helps you resolve the error. Tell us in the comments section if you know any method not mentioned here or if any of these solutions resolved the issue for you.

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