Dota 2 New Frontiers 7.33 Update – Why It is So Important for DOTA Fans?

Dota 2 New Frontiers 7.33 Update

Dota updates aren’t something new, but this time, Valve made sure that fans got something they never expected. The latest 7.33 patch update, ‘New Frontiers’ brings an exclusive 40% increase in the existing map of the game.

Yes, the free-to-play MOBA game is now bigger as Valve has not only increased the map but also added a dozen new items. The game’s famous for its notorious updates where bugs, player upgrades/ nerfs, and other elements are considered. However, the New Frontiers update holds a special place.

So What Is The Update About?

Well, for starters, we got streamers who spent almost 14 hours just reading the entire patch notes. Yes, 14 freaking hours! Not to mention, you’d be needing a good internet connection to download its update without fail, let alone wait for installation.

But with that, the exhaustive amount of changes has made one thing clear, the game has too many elements that can be explored at any time in the future. Well, we certainly aren’t going to jot down the notes. So, here are the major elements you need to know:

1. New Matchmaking Protocols

In order to minimize spamming/ spoofing/ cheating in any manner, Valve has introduced new matchmaking protocols. These protocols will assess player MMR and will sort them in matches evenly.

2. Extended Map

The latest 40% increase in the map is the biggest one so far! Physically bigger, it has:

  • 2 x Roshan Pits (at each corner of the map)
  • Portal Gates (at each corner of the map)
  • Tormentors (grant Aghanim Shard to a random team player)
  • Watchers (small wards)
  • Outposts (location changed)
  • Lotus pools (grant an HP and mana fruit)
  • Creep camps (in the corners of the map)
  • Shield Runes (help preserve HP by providing a shield)
  • Wisdom Runes (help increase XP)
  • Defender Gates (backdoor gates that only your teammates and you can pass through)

3. Universal Heroes

In addition, a new hero type called the Universal has been introduced too. And no, there aren’t any new heroes added, but the old ones are sorted into the category. We have Bane, Enigma, Snapfire, Wind Ranger, Winter Wyvern, Sand King, Mirana, and several more players sorted into the category.

The catch? These heroes will have the attributes of all primary categories, i.e., agility, strength, and intelligence. Regardless of the type, players can build any item to benefit the hero’s performance.

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4. Reworked Black King Bar

The infamous BKB has now been reworked heavily! Previously bestowing magic and spell immunity of all kinds while active, the BKB has now only offered 50% of its original perks. What’s probably worse is that any debuffs remaining on you while BKB deactivates will continue to remain (not dispelling) and continue their damage.

5. Reduced Disable Effect

It’s not just the BKB that got reworked. The latest update has also reduced the time for every disability spell and effect in the game. Instead of sitting idle, waiting for the spell to end, players will now have more time to return attacks once the disability spell ends quickly.

The point was to enhance player interaction, allowing them to use their heroes almost the entire fight time without getting stunned, disabled, etc., for too long. Well, guess that worked.

6. New Kill Formula

No more feeding on creep waves! The new kill formula encourages the players to engage in ganks and fights all over the map. Well, as much as it’s exciting, players will need portal scrolls, the Smoke of Deceit, etc., to gank properly.

However, instead of focusing too much on creep farming, the players will now focus on fights since creep farming gold will decrease in value as the game progresses.

Dota 2 7.33 New Frontiers

7. Neutral Creeps are Stronger

In other words, you’ll have to really fight with other players in order to get more gold and get stronger in the game. Even neutral creeps have been reworked. As time progresses, the neutral creep camps will become difficult to conquer.

However, it’s also a good thing for heroes such as Enchantress, Chen, etc., that have the ability to control creeps. The stronger they are, the stronger the backup the heroes will get. Time to choose yours wisely.

8. New Neutral Drops

The new neutral drops will now come in tokens! A tier token will be dropped that can only be used once for the given tier. Each tier will have certain neutral drops such as Vampire Fangs, Ring of Aquila, etc.

The player will click on the token, choose the respective item, and get it in the slot. A same-tier token will automatically be transferred to the Fountain. An enhanced tier token will have a new list of enhanced neutral drops that can be selected in the same manner but only once.

9. New Items

As always, Valve couldn’t resist adding new items to the game. Now, we have a Blood Grende, Diadem, Pavise, Harpoon, Disperser, and a couple more items. Speaking of items, did we tell you that now Healing Slave, Enchanted Mango, etc., will be team items? (If one player buys it all, he buys it all).

10. New Health Bar UI

The new health bar is quite unique. You now get a health bar displayed forwards and heroes that also show the mana. In addition, the HUD now allows displaying barrier values too. Whatever the number, it’ll be displayed accordingly.

Plus, the added health bar will be displayed for several other items and entities, such as Lich’s Ice Spire, Juggernaut’s Healing Ward, Pugna’s Nether Ward, Zeus’s Nimbus, and more.

Closing Thoughts

Well, we’ve discussed a lot here, particularly the important elements. Hero changes are something that we’ve seen in almost every update, so we’re not going to focus on that here because it’s going to take us right to the extensive patch note readings. If you’ve been away this whole time, now’s your chance to get back to it! The new Dota awaits and this time, things are way out of your hand!

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