How To Connect a Nintendo Switch Console To a TV

how to connect nintendo switch to tv with hdmi

One of the best features of the Nintendo Switch is that it allows you to connect it to a TV for a better, improved gaming experience. What differentiates the Switch from the PlayStation and Xbox gaming platforms is that it is a console-handheld hybrid, and you can totally transform your gaming experience if you connect your Nintendo Switch to a television.

You can play games on the Switch in handheld mode by inserting a game cartridge. If you want a bigger screen, you can also set the console to play games on any HDMI-ready TV or monitor. This benefit will be enjoyed mostly by people who are using the Switch as a home console, that is, staying put in their homes and not traveling or commuting. The manufacturer provides all the necessary accessories and components required to connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV.

When buying a Nintendo Switch, one of the properties you will find in it is a gray-black dock, which comes with two cable ports at the back. There are lots of accessories to use with your Nintendo Switch console. The upper port is designed for the AC adapter, which allows users to connect a power cable to a wall outlet to recharge the device. The lower port is designed for the HDMI 2.0 cable, which allows you to connect the console to your TV.

Any HDMI cable should work with your console but if you face any issues after you’ve connected the console to your TV, consider replacing the HDMI cable. There are varieties of HDMI cables but what you need is the standard HDMI cable. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it from your local electronic store.

If you want to enjoy playing your favorite Nintendo Switch games, try playing from your TV. Unfortunately, not every Nintendo Switch model can connect to a TV. For instance, the cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t have a dock, so, it won’t work with your TV. You can know a Nintendo Switch Lite is the Joy-Cons aren’t removable.

How To Connect a Nintendo Switch To a TV

It’s really easy to connect your Nintendo Switch to a TV. All you need is the right stuff! This tutorial will walk you through connecting to a TV so that you can play with friends on the big screen. Maybe you want to take advantage of some big titles that require two screens? Maybe quarters are more your style. Either way, it’s time to jump into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and Pokken Tournament DX.     

This guide shows you exactly how to connect your Switch to a TV easily. Even if you haven’t done this before, you can follow these simple steps to connect your console to a TV in no time.

How To Connect a Nintendo Switch Console to a TV

It takes less than five minutes to set up your Nintendo Switch on your TV. Below are the steps required:

1. Plug in your Nintendo Switch Dock

When you open the back cover of the dock, you will find three labeled ports including USB, HDMI Out, and AC Adapter.

What you have to do is to insert one end of the HDMI cable to the dock’s HDMI Out Port while the other end of the HDMI cable is connected to a spare port on your TV. After connecting the HDMI cable to your dock, close the dock’s back cover.

Now, plug in your AC adapter in the top port and connect the other end of the cable to a power strip or wall socket. In case you have lost or misplaced your Nintendo Switch dock, you can get a replacement from the Nintendo website or buy it on Amazon.

Before you purchase a dock from third-party vendors, have it in mind that the consoles may have been bricked using unofficial solutions. So, you are at your own risk if you are not buying directly from the manufacturer.

2. Place the Nintendo Switch on the dock

After you are done closing the back cover of the dock, place the Nintendo Switch into the slot to ensure that the charging port lines up with the connector inside the dock.

3. Remove your Joy-Cons

If you want to use your Joy-Con controllers for docked play, detach them from the sides of the Switch. You can do this by holding the small black button located on the back of each side and carefully lifting them free of the console.

The Joy-Cons will charge if left paired when the console is docked. If the Joy-Con controllers have not been attached to the console before, you have to connect them with your console to start making use of them.

4. Wake up the Switch

Turn on the Switch via your controller of choice.

5. Place the Switch on the dock

After you have turned the dock on, take the Nintendo Switch console inside the dock. All you need to do is to slide the Switch in from the upper part of the dock.

After you’ve done that, place the console in a way that the front screen comes face-to-face with the front panel of the dock. Ensure that the LCD screen is turned off while it is docked.

5. Connect HDMI to the TV

Before you forget, ensure that the other end of your HDMI cable is plugged into the HDMI port of your TV. Now, grab your TV remote and set it to the correct HDMI channel. With that done, you can play Animal Crossing, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, or any of the best Nintendo Switch games on your TV.

If the console isn’t projecting to the screen, what you should do is to make sure that the power lead along with the HDMI cable is firmly connected to the dock. If you notice that they are loose, the Switch will feel that you are using it in handheld mode and so will serve you in that format.

Can you Connect a Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV?

how to connect nintendo switch lite to tv

No! It is impossible to pair your Nintendo Switch Lite to a TV. The reason is that the Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t well-equipped to play games on your TV; it is not designed for it and also, it lacks the hardware to do it. Only the standard Nintendo Switch console and the Switch OLED version are capable of being connected to a television.

As earlier mentioned, the USB-C port of the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t have any hardware required or video or audio output. Rather, it can only receive power. So, this prevents users from getting it hooked up to a TV or any other related accessories. In other words, the Nintendo Switch Lite is designed as a handheld gaming device; there is no beating around the bush here.

Nintendo has not revealed if it will be releasing any accessories to give the Nintendo Switch this functionality. This may not be practicable due to the compact size of the Switch Lite. However, they may be some third-party options. Some users have shared methods to bypass the hardware challenge in the Switch Lite and get it connected to a TV.

To make this work, you will need a 3mm audio cable to output the sounds from the Switch into a speaker or headphone, a tripod for your phone, a phone-to-TV cable, a spare controller to connect to your Nintendo Switch Lite, and some time to set the whole thing up.

Even if you are able to pull the whole equipment together, it isn’t still recommended because you will only get a poor visual quality on your TV and it is probable that you will experience a degree of lag between the console and the display. Therefore, it is not worth the hassle and stress – in my opinion.

If you want to upgrade from a Switch Lite to a standard Nintendo Switch or OLED, you can transfer your saved data to the new Switch console and have the ability to plug it directly into any television. If you are using a Switch Lite, this is your best chance of playing Nintendo Switch games on a TV.

nintendo switch not connecting to tv

At this point, you should be able to start playing Nintendo Switch games on your television. Depending on your TV, you may have to go through all the HDMI inputs or “Source” if the interface of your console is not automatically displayed after you connect. You can always refer to your TV documentation if you need any help rotating through the HDMI inputs if the Switch’s interface is not yet shown on your TV.

Connecting a Nintendo Switch to a TV is so simple for a 12-year-old to do. In fact, the process for setting it up isn’t too different from setting up a PlayStation or any other modern video game console. Remember that you have to supply power to the console through the AC adapter and connect it to your TV through the HDMI cable. The next step to ensure that the Switch is connected to your TV is through its dock.

The Nintendo Switch console can be plugin in or detached from the sock, depending on whether the user wants to play in handheld mode or on the TV. Even if you are playing a game when doing this, your gaming session doesn’t need to be paused or stopped when making the transition. You can choose to leave the deck where it is and connect your console back to it when you are ready to resume playing on your television.

It is worth recognizing that the Nintendo Switch dock has only a single HDMI output port, and you will not find any official composite or component cables for the console. However, most converters that plug into an HDMI port may work.

Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch gaming console can be charged from any USB-C cable. Nonetheless, make sure you use a high-quality USDB-C power adapter when plugging the console into the dock because a low charge can cause issues.


With the Nintendo Switch, there are a handful of different ways to connect your console to a TV. This is great for those who have more than one TV set up—or perhaps you’re traveling and need to hook it up in a hotel room. Regardless, there’s no need to fret; as long as you have the right cables and equipment, you can connect it to a wide variety of output options.

The process of connecting a Nintendo Switch to a TV is relatively simple, but there are still many people who don’t quite understand how it works. Above is a step-by-step guide, detailing the process, but also some complementary tips that could really help you optimize your gaming experience and maximize the potential of your Switch.

If you want to know how to connect a Nintendo Switch to a TV, we’ve got the whole thing laid out here. It’s not that complicated, and you might actually enjoy it! Follow the steps below and you’ll be able to connect your new Switch to a TV set reliably.


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