Can You Use eGPU With Gaming Laptop?

You’ve probably heard about eGPU and may have heard it’s not for gaming laptops. In fact, a lot of people would tell you that you are wasting your money if you buy an eGPU for a gaming laptop. I know because I used to be one of those people who thought the same thing.

This confusion is because of the recent release of eGPUs. Now there is a question on everyone’s lips: does an eGPU work with a laptop? This is a question that puzzles the mind of many people. If you buy a gaming laptop, then surely you won’t be able to use it with an eGPU, or will you? This confusion is because of the recent release of eGPUs. Now there is a question on everyone’s lips: does an eGPU work with a laptop?

If you’re a video gamer, an eGPU probably sounds like the best thing since your last gaming laptop. An eGPU can improve your gaming machine’s graphics to the point of being able to rival dedicated video game consoles. But it may seem intimidating, particularly if you’re not sure what one is or how to use it.

If you want to play games at the highest possible details and resolution, you need a gaming laptop. But are portable gaming laptops capable of delivering good gaming performance? Well, the answer is yes and no.

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It is usually a dedicated graphics chipset on your video card. For those who do not understand how video games work, you should know that they are processing complex graphics in order to give you an exciting gaming experience. The GPU is responsible for such tasks. But it requires a lot of calculations and memory plus it generates a lot of heat during the entire gaming process. eGPU on the other hand refers to External Graphics Processing Unit.

The eGPU is a small card that allows you to use your laptop’s graphics card, like a dedicated graphics card, with an external display. It’s the best way to get high-quality gaming performance out of your laptop — and nothing else. If you want if eGPUs are worth it in a gaming laptop, read this article to know more.

Why eGPUs are Great for Gamers?

If you are struggling to play the latest games, try getting an eGPU. It is great for gamers because it increases the graphics and overall performance of the laptop for playing intensive games. If you are struggling to play the latest games and want to increase your performance, then one option is to use an eGPU.

But this technology has been available for a long time now for those who have game-specific needs. Gaming laptops have always come with built-in graphic cards, which makes it easier to use them on a computer. But with advances in gaming laptops, gamers can opt for a gaming laptop that also comes with an eGPU.

The fact that they are built-in comes at a price as companies will have to make sure that they have enough room in their laptops to add in an eGPU. For example, if you plan on using your laptop on a plane or train ride, you may need more space than your average laptop can offer. So this requires a lot of consideration when buying a gaming laptop.

Benefits and Advantages of Using eGPUs

Can you use eGPU with a gaming laptop? It’s a win-win situation. If you are struggling to play the latest games, then get an eGPU. Here’s why:

If you are a gamer and have to buy a new laptop for playing games, then this is one of the best options for you. Gaming laptops were made for playing games. They can handle intense graphics processing in real-time and deliver impressive performance. The Intel i7 Processors that are found in most gaming laptops are also known as “CPUs” or “Central Processing Units” or simply “CPUs”. They help in processing data and executing instructions on your behalf within the processor itself.

EGPU will work with gaming laptops as well because they have similar specifications of CPU and GPU that can be used together to create a superior gaming experience. EGPU stands for “External graphics processing unit”. It increases the graphics efficiency of your laptop by improving its graphics card so that it can handle more calculations in less time. This results in better visual effects such as higher resolution and higher frames per second (fps) while playing games on your computer screen. You will be able to enjoy better visuals without lag while watching videos or playing games online using your computer screen thanks to EGPU capabilities!

EGPU also improves battery life by reducing power consumption when coding peripherals with less power consumption than other GPUs which helps prolong the battery life of any device using it due to its lower power consumption requirements compared to other GPUs which require less power consumption than other GPUs which require more power consumption than other GPUs so EGPU will definitely be a win-win situation!

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How to Use an eGPU

is eGPU worth it for gaming

An eGPU (or External Graphics Processing Unit) is a device that allows a computer user to run multiple graphics cards that are external from the mainboard and run them asynchronously, even if the mainboard does not support it. eGPUs were introduced by Nvidia about two years ago and made popular by Nvidia’s Pascal architecture. It’s a way to increase the graphics performance of a laptop for playing high-end games.

The reason why many gamers choose to use an eGPU is the fact that it greatly increases the graphics performance, and thus improves the overall gaming experience. There are many benefits of using an eGPU over using an internal GPU. They include:

  1. Higher FPS (Frames Per Second).More detail on screen.
  2. It’s more like watching a movie rather than playing one.
  3. Better image quality (Including anti-aliasing & post-processing/editing/compressing effects).
  4. Faster loading time of textures & models because it uses external GPU (which means CPU doesn’t have to work hard while loading textures or models).
  5. The higher level of performance per dollar spent compared to using internal GPU with CPU load.

Case Study: Using an eGPU to Play GTA V on Ultra Settings with a MacBook Pro

eGPU is a great tool for gamers. It’s the best solution to extend your gaming experience on your laptop. eGPU allows you to play the latest games at ultra settings that you can only dream of with a dedicated graphics card.

But what if you don’t have an eGPU? If you want to play GTA V at minimum settings, then buying an eGPU might not be the best solution for you.


The eGPU is a great tool that can provide you with high-performance graphics without having to lug around a huge gaming laptop. Batteries die and display crack, so packing an eGPU is a no-brainer in protecting your investments in both your laptop and your games.

You will be blown away at how powerful you can make your machine with the right GPU card, and we hope we have guided you in picking up the perfect one for your needs. Don’t forget that many laptops do not even officially support using an external GPU card; however, the user forums are filled with discussions, requirements, guidelines, and workarounds. Whether it is to power up your backup rig or desktop workstation, there is nothing like getting the performance that far exceeds your expectations.

eGPU is the ultimate gaming peripheral for your laptop. It allows you to unleash the full power of your gaming rig without having to lug around a giant computer tower and an external display. All you need to do is plug your eGPU into your laptop and you can use your graphics card from the comfort of your couch or bed

I hope this article will help you to decide whether you need an eGPU or not and save some time searching for information on eGPU. I’ve included step-by-step instructions to explain the installation process. In addition, I’ve also included a part where you can find detailed reviews of the best laptops for egpu to buy.

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