Can a Deleted Facebook Account Be Traced?

can a deleted facebook account be traced

I assumed that deactivating my Facebook account would prevent the social media platform from tracking my online activities. Facebook, on the other hand, kept track of me. I always wondered, ‘Can a Deleted Facebook Account be Traced?’ Well, I found out, and I will share my discovery with you in this article.

I tried to keep my Facebook presence to a minimum last year. I deleted my ten-year-old account and replaced it with a fake one that I only use sometimes. The Facebook app was uninstalled from my phone too.

Instead of simply logging out, I started canceling my fake account every time I used it in January. I couldn’t completely cut ties with Facebook because I needed it to sign up for a session twice a week.

I hoped that by taking these steps, Facebook would collect less information about me. It turned out that I had been wasting my time.

What Happens When you Deactivate your Facebook Account

Facebook claims that deleting your account permanently deletes all of your data. But is this true?

According to Facebook, deactivating isn’t the end, and they will still keep your data if you change your mind and wish to return to your profile. Facebook expects that deactivated users will return, and it wants to keep delivering ads that are appropriate to their new interests.

It’s all about the ads. That’s why Facebook does it.

Deactivating Facebook is not the same as deleting it. According to Facebook, you can reactivate Facebook at any time.

Facebook saves all your data, allowing you to reactivate it and resume your digital life anytime. However, after you delete Facebook, you won’t be able to get back into it because it purportedly deletes most of your data.

Taking Facebook at their word for a second (which, based on past experience, we probably shouldn’t): Because deletions are so permanent, Facebook postpones deletion requests “for a few days” after they are submitted. You can cancel if you connect to your account within this duration.

Even so, there’s no guarantee that all of your information will be removed from Facebook’s servers. When Republican Senator Dean Heller questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a Senate hearing in 2018 if Facebook deletes a user’s data once an account is deleted, Zuckerberg claimed he didn’t know off the top of his head. “I know we strive to get rid of it as soon as we can,” Zuckerberg stated. “We have a lot of intricate systems, and working through them all takes a long time.” That isn’t exactly reassuring.

According to Facebook’s website today, deleting data from backup systems takes 90 days. According to Facebook, “certain information, such as messaging history, isn’t stored in your account.”

Can a Deleted Facebook Account Be Traced?

It is possible to trace a Facebook account that has been deactivated.

Can a Deleted Facebook Account Be Traced? A big yes!

Everything we do on Facebook, even the process of deleting our account on the platform, is recorded by Facebook. If someone wishes to know who canceled their account, they can contact Facebook and make a request.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

To delete your Facebook account, go to the Delete My Account page on Facebook.

Your data will still be wholly wiped from Facebook servers after 90 days, but your account will be effectively canceled when you request it.

How to Stop Facebook from Stealing Your Data

Stopping facebook from stealing information is quite simple to do.

On your phone, go to the Privacy or Ads tab in the Settings app, set a limit on ad tracking, or turn it off. This is compatible with both iPhone and Android. Afterward, go to your computer’s internet browsers, check for privacy settings, and select the box that reads, “Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing activity.” That is the exact phrasing used by Google Chrome. However, other browsers may use anoother terminology.

Facebook is one of the few websites or services that honors the request. At least, that’s what it says.

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