Top 6 Best Gaming Glasses (Under $30)

best gaming glasses

With the long hours spent staring at laptops, monitors, projectors, or television screens, it is important that gamers have access to gaming glasses and their acquisition must be restricted to the best gaming glasses.

Gaming glasses remain a major preventive tool for eye care, as they act as a blue light filter shielding the eye from the adverse effects that might arise from the steady usage of electronic devices.

The reason why gamers must wear blue light (gaming) glasses is to reduce the intensity of light that penetrates the eyes as direct exposure to blue light can damage a human’s retina as well as its cells, causing visual impairments or macular degeneration.

We have provided you with a list of the best gaming glasses on the market. They provide maximum eye effect, are tested for durability and we have ensured that they are at affordable prices.

Best Gaming Glasses

1. Exerscribe Store Blue Blocking Gaming Glasses


  • Weight: 0.64 Ounces.
  • Frame Material: Plastic.

Exerscribe Store Blue blocking glasses is tinted with Amber Resin which filters and blocks off blue light from having direct contact with our eyes. This does not only protect your eyesight but it also offers a slight magnification to objects letting you have a clear and bold view of your computer or environment.

Exerscribe Store Blue blocking glasses are built with an anti-scratch feature and also come with a protective case to keep them safeguarded against damages.

This gaming glass is built with sturdy and classy frames, making you look attractive and maintain durable standards. It is carefully designed to a size that perfectly and comfortably fits a wide variety of heads, faces, and individuals.

2. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses 


  • Frame Material: TR90 Nylon.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses is constructed to a design that does not only offer individuals the ability to play games effectively without eye strain but it is also a good choice for work activities.

These glasses offer UV400 protection and they make viewing your laptop or television a comfortable experience. This UV400 protection offers maximum protection to the eye, blocking off all blue light rays that might be emitted from your devices.

Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are designed with a lightweight frame that is constructed with a TR90 Nylon material making the glasses feather-light while remaining durable.

For viewing aids, Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses are built to a 0.00x-3.00x magnification offering a clear vision to its users.

3. Livho LI1632 Blue Light Blocking Glasses


  • Weight: Lightweight.
  • Frame Material: Titanium Alloy.

Built to a lens Width of 51 millimeters, a magnification range of 0.00x, and a Retro round frame, Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a combination of beauty and quality.

This unique gaming glass is structured to a unisex design, technical lens with high blue light blocking ability, and a magnification of 0.0x that provides clear views eliminating eye strains.

Livho LI1632 Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed with an anti-fatigue mechanism that keeps your brain active even after working for hours. It reduces eye strain and the direct intensity of the light to the eye.

This gaming glass cuts UV rays, reduces glare, reduces headache, helps you achieve a better sleep pattern, and is built into a durable frame that lasts longer.

4. FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2 Pack)


  • Weight: 0.141 Ounces.
  • Frame Material: TR90 Nylon.

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses is manufactured as a pack of gaming glasses with two packs (Black and Crystal). This gives you the option of getting two gaming glasses for the price of one.

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2 Pack) are built to a bendable frame that permits adjustment of the frame’s shape. Its flexible and anti-shocking structure ensures that excess weight and stress are not mounted on the nose while maintaining a durable frame.

FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses (2 Pack) is built into a 3A transparent lens that blocks off 99% blue rays at a high transmittance (93%), providing an effective balanced viewing experience.

5. ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses


  • Weight: Lightweight.
  • Frame Material:   Ultra Light Al-Mg Metal Gunmetal.

ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses is constructed to block 90% of blue-light emission keeping the eyes entirely free from harmful rays. This gaming glass is constructed with a lens width of 56 millimeters and a low color distortion lens which makes provision for an optimized balance of eye protection and views.

This gaming glass is designed with a high-energy tech that prevents emission from electronic devices; computers, phones, and television eliminating the possibility of eye strains or a black eye.

As proof of durability and effectiveness, ANYLUV Blue Light Blocking Glasses are backed up with a money-back guarantee.

6. Feirdio Blue Light Blocking Glasses


  • Weight: Lightweight.
  • Frame Material: TR90.

The Feirdio Blue light Blocking Glasses are built to provide blue light filtering, reduce glare, blocking of UV rays, anti-screen flicker, and electromagnetic ray blocking. These gaming glasses are designed with a low color distortion lens which is of a greater quality when compared to heavily tinted glasses.

Feirdio Blue light Blocking Glasses is carefully structured to eliminate eye strain, discomfort, and fatigue attached to fixing the eye to an electronic device for a long time.

It is manufactured with a TR90 material frame which makes it lighter than most plastic glasses but has higher durability. Feirdio Blue light Blocking Glasses is also fitted with reinforced metal hinges that ensure durability without breaking easily.

These unique gaming glasses are designed with a transparent lens with an overall block rate that achieves a Color distortion lens of 52% and an HD lens of 62%. This gaming glasses also include a bridge of 18mm, an arm of 140mm, a lens height of 42mm, and a total frame of 137mm.

Do Gaming Glasses Work and Do You Need Them?

Making the right choice depends on how much time you spend with electronic sizes. However, we have selected these products to fit different sizes and human faces.

If you are an intense gamer, or spend many hours playing games in competitive scenarios, the strain that your eyes are suffering from by staring consistently into the monitor can affect you in the future. Investing in a gaming glass prevents the problem of visual impairment as you grow older and play video games more.

These gaming glasses are designed to be protective against the ‘dangerous’ lights from your monitors, especially when looked at for a very long time.

Now that you have seen the best available options for gaming glasses, you want to know the key features to focus on, and what not to focus on, when choosing a gaming glass to buy, particularly if you are buying online.

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How To Choose The Right Gaming Glasses

Even if wearing glasses around isn’t your thing, I’m sure you know that picking a glass to buy goes beyond the looks and aesthetics. Aside from the very essence of buying protective gaming glasses, you also want to focus on comfort and durability.

But of course, since it is something that you will wear on your face, you want to consider the look too. As you have seen in some of the glasses reviewed, some of these gaming glasses are designed with a particular look from the rim and coloring of the glasses.

But this is on personal preference, do you want something that looks like an ordinary pair of glasses in terms of shape and coloring? Or do you like resembling a part of the dance group costume?

Whatever your choice is, it is a good thing that we have included a variety of the best gaming glasses in this post for you to pick from to meet your visual needs.

Tips On Protecting Your Eyes From Video Game Eye Strain

In the world of tech where virtually everything we do as humans is now available on screens, it is difficult to avoid eye strain and computer vision syndrome, not to mention being an avid video gamer.

While buying a gaming glass is one of the effective ways to prevent eye strain, here is another tip that will help in reducing vision damage from video games:

It is called the 20-20-20 rule.

At the interval of 20 minutes take a break from using the electronic screen device by looking at any other object that is more than 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

While your eyes adjust, it can bring about great inconvenience during intense gaming sessions. And that is why the gaming glass is still the best.


Gaming glasses have become popular among gamers today, they are ideal glasses you should wear while gaming online and offline, especially if you game for long hours.

The gaming glasses reviewed in this post will help reduce blue light glare and strain. This is why you can even wear them when you are staring at a TV, computer, tablet, or another device for too long.

Getting any of these glasses will also help improve clarity, reduce glare, and provide a lighter hue (yellow tint) which will help you see colors vividly and clearly when gaming.

Above all, investing in any of these recommended gaming glasses will help provide an enhanced definition for all games you love playing.

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