Battlefield V Player Count

Battlefield V Player Count

Are you interested in knowing how many people are playing Battlefield V? In this post, we will show you Battlefield V live player reports across all platforms and devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, Wii, Nintendo Switch, PC, Box, PS3, PS4, and PS5.

Battlefield V is one of the spectacular FPS games. Although it didn’t have a mammoth launch, the game’s scenes, storyline, and action have endeared many players, who are happy to play the game. Battlefield 5 has managed to breed a decent number of active players across all platforms.

Big names like Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone largely dominate first-person shooter (FPS) games. Despite the stiff but healthy competition,

The game’s developer, DICE, released Battlefield 2042, but it seems all isn’t well. The numerous patches and errors in the game have led many to quit it and request refunds. Keep reading this article to discover the number of people playing Battlefield 5 from different parts of the world.

How Many People Are Playing Battlefield V Right Now?

Currently, 131,984 people are playing Battlefield V. Its all-time peak is 270,458 in February 2023.

Battlefield 2042 seems to lure players away from playing the game. Still, with the recent happening and issues, some players have returned to playing Battlefield V.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days1,859,063123,938
October 20231,317,27087,818
September 20231,383,68792,246
August 20231,367,28091,152
July 20231,368,64891,243
June 20231,335,26791,243
May 20231,413,28094,218
April 20231,415,20494,347
March 20231,380,68792,046
February 20231,352,289270,458
January 20231,325,774265,155
December 20221,222,504244,501
November 20221,120,544224,109
October 20221,055,476211,095
September 20221,244,700248,940
August 20221,229,970245,994
July 20221,200,315240,063
June 20221,169,250233,850
May 20221,173,015234,603
April 20221,142,175228,435
March 20221,186,515237,303
February 20221,124,400224,880
January 20221,134,825226,965
December 20211,140,240228,048
November 20211,119,495223,899
October 20211,125,165225,033
September 20211,097,670219,534
August 20211,065,825213,165
July 20211,106,550221,310
June 20211,083,120216,624
May 20211,104,015220,803
April 20211,073,310214,662
March 20211,063,605212,721
February 20211,057,335211,467
January 20211,020,863204,173
December 20201,020,329204,066
November 20201,006,093201,219
October 20201,014,567202,913
September 20201,003,972200,794
August 20201,015,516203,103
July 2020993,644198,729
June 2020995,690199,138

Some of the top countries playing Battlefield V include:

  • United States of America.
  • Russia.
  • Brazil.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom (UK).

About Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 is a first-person shooter video game and is the sixteenth installment. It was developed by DICE, an Electronic Arts (EA) subsidiary. The scenery and theme of the game are based on World War II, which is a continuation of World War I.

Players can create multiple characters in the game and can customize these characters with the weapons, cosmetics, and accessories provided in the game. An in-game currency is provided to purchase cosmetic items, weapons, and other items.

You earn currency after completing some objectives in the game. The currency earned can purchase other accessories or upgrade your weaponry.

You also build your own company based on four classes, which are:

  • Assault class: This class is your company’s fighting or defense area. It helps you fight battles.
  • Support class: This class will keep your team moving in various scenarios.
  • Medic class: The medic class can help your team survive hits and injuries.
  • Recon class: Lastly, recon class allows your assault team to get enough cover from enemies.

Battlefield 5 features multiple multiplayer modes such as a continuous campaign mode, Firestorm, Domination, Conquest, Tides of War, Breakthrough, Frontlines, Team Deathmatch, and Grand Operations.

Singer-player campaigns are also available but divided into episodic War Stories. If you select the single-player mode, you should be able to play the game offline, but if you choose the multiplayer mode, an internet connection will be required as the game is played online.

For single-player mode, the three missions are in the following locations:

  • North Africa.
  • Norway.
  • German-occupied France.

Will Battlefield 2042 End Battlefield 5?

The release of Battlefield 2042 will not mark the end of Battlefield 5. Battlefield V isn’t shutting down any soon. The developers and creators of Battlefield 2042 have failed to solve some bugs, patches, and errors mentioned by users, making them lose some players.

The Battlefield 2042 player count numbers aren’t impressive, and until it improves, it won’t replace Battleground 5. We hope DICE and EA release updates to fix the issues and improve the game. We will keep updating the Battlefield 2042 player count every month. Also, check the player count information for other games below.

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