Back 4 Blood Player Count

Back 4 Blood Player Count

I came across Back 4 Blood while searching for an action-packed game to play. Back 4 Blood is a product of Turtle Rock Studios. This game is an interesting one and has managed to pull in a lot of users.

In this article, we will be looking at the Back 4 Blood player count. Here, we will see the exact number of players playing Back 4 Blood right now.

How Many People Are Playing Back 4 Blood?

The total number of people playing Back 4 Blood right now is 6,749. The all-time peak for the game on Steam is 65,873. The top countries playing Back 4 Blood include:

  • United States.
  • Brazil.
  • Russia.
  • France.
  • United Kingdom.

See the table below for a rundown of the player count on Steamcharts during the previous months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days2,082.38,211
October 20231,448.85,435
September 2023922.91,923
August 20231,082.22,370
July 20232,206.36,345
June 2023936.12,586
May 20231,236.82,675
April 20231,482.13,224
March 20231,899.84,640
February 20232,674.28,438
January 20233,471.49,364
December 20223,392.28,269
November 20221,971.75,033
October 20222,961.16,762
September 20222,880.47,685
August 20222,435.57,639
July 20222,251.14,386
June 20222,755.85,840
May 20223,268.18,711
April 20224,828.212,988
March 20222,304.84,812
February 20223,238.96,966
January 20225,303.111,604
December 20216,647.613,063
November 202110,872.325,337
October 202129,702.465,873

About Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a multi-player shooter game in first-person mode. It features an infected world, where humans turned into the “Ridden”. Your objective as a “cleaner” is to get rid of zombies.

It is no surprise that it shares similar features as both games feature 4 cooperative players and 8 players in PvP mode.

However, there is a slight difference. On each level in Back 4 Blood, the players must build deck deck using cards that change the elements of gameplay.

Back 4 Blood features several characters, such as:

  • Doc.
  • Evangelo.
  • Hoofman.
  • Jim.
  • Karlee.
  • Mom.
  • Walker.

Back 4 Blood is available on several gaming systems, including Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation, and PlayStation 5.

We will continue to update the Back 4 Blood player count every month. Don’t forget to check the related posts below.

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