How To Get Your Arm To Stop Sticking To Desk While Gaming

How to Get Your Arm to Stop Sticking to Desk While Gaming

When your arm annoyingly sticks to your desk while gaming, it could be a result of sweaty hands, your sitting posture, the mouse-pad size, the height of the desk, or even the height of the chair.

By using the diagonal length of your mouse-pad such that your hand rests on it, or wearing something with sleeves and staying in a cool environment, you can get your arm to stop sticking to the desk while gaming.

You should also consider what your gaming desk or table is made of. If your table is made of any kind of glass, your arms will surely stick no matter what. Hence, changing the gaming desk/table is the best option for such a case.

It is no fun when your arm sticks to the desk during intense gaming sessions. For example, while playing games like Counter-Strike (CS), the sweat from your arms can make your arm sticky a little, causing your arms to stick to the gaming desk a little.

This will likely disallow you from making fast movements in your game, and consequently, bring about poor game performance. If this is your plight, you are not alone.

A recent Pew Research study shows that 75 percent of teenage girls and a whopping 84 percent of teenage boys regularly play video games, with many recounting problems of having sticky arms on their table.

There are many ways to get your arms to stop sticking to the desk, but some are not really advisable. In this post, I will share with you easy and practical ways in which you can get your arms to stop sticking to the desk while you game.

The tips I will show you in this post go beyond washing of hands to get rid of the sweats. Even if you sweat a lot after long hours of playing, there are ways you can still prevent your hand from sticking to the table.

Reasons Why Your Arms Stick To The Desk While Playing 

You should consider what makes your arm stick to your table while gaming, before thinking of a possible solution. In this article, we will briefly look at the aforementioned possible causes, before diving into the solution.

Are your hands sweaty?

Quite needless to say, If your hands are sweaty, probably when you are gaming for long hours, your arms can begin to get sticky to the desk of the table.

Most gamers would go wash their hands, dry them with a cloth, and resume gaming. But I feel that is not effective enough. Anyway, Sweaty hands are definitely a cause of sticky arms on the gaming desk while gaming.

The size of the mousepad

 This is another factor that can cause sticky arms on the gaming desk while gaming. When you angle the keyboard up, it will give you space underneath to move your hand.

The mouse pad can also be positioned diagonally such that your hand rests on the extended portion so that it doesn’t stick.

If the size of the mouse pad is a problem or the keyboard, it Is also advised to buy a smaller keyboard – like one without the number pad.

Your sitting posture

Normally, if you want to enjoy long gaming hours, you should be straight back feet on the ground).

You may need to check that your posture (specifical spine) isn’t weird or looking abnormal as it can be a contributing factor. Anyway, as you read on, you will see how you can solve this problem.

Height of desk and chair

Lastly, the height of your gaming desk and chair can be the reason why your arms stick to the desk while you game. It doesn’t need to be when your hands are sweaty. Is your table assembled to the right height for you when you are seated?

Do you have to place your hands in a stretched position while gaming? What about the chair you are sitting on while you game, it is adjusted to meet the right height of your gaming desk?

These are considerations that have been reasoned on before coming up with the following tips below on how to get your arms to stop sticking to the desk while gaming.

Effective ways to stop your arms from sticking to the desk while gaming

Arm sticking to desk while gaming

Placing your forearm on the desk while gaming may look like an uncomfortable idea, not to mention when your arm begins to stick to the desk.

But here are the ways you can make the idea as smooth as possible.

Your seat should be high while gaming

When your seat is high enough such that your armrests naturally on the desk without having to lift your shoulder, your arms will not stick on the desk.

So if your gaming chair is not adjustable to the required and comfortable height, you can add cushions, towels, or a seat booster.

I have discovered that having a low shoulder position brings about extra weight and friction on the desk which does more harm than good.

Keep your arm dry/Wear an arm sleeve

Try to keep your arm dry while gaming by staying in a cool environment. When it is hot, your hands get sweaty, and then they stick to the desk.

Even when there is no air conditioning, you can point a pedestal fan in the direction of your arm, and your mousepad too.

In addition, you can also wear an arm sleeve that will prevent your arm from sticking by absorbing sweat from your skin.

I discovered that most FPS players especially in the Overwatch League use this tip. It helps in effective aiming.

The size and position of your desk

This has to do with your sitting posture, and the position of the desk as well.

Your desk should be positioned in such a way that allows you to easily plant your arm without your body or the desk getting in the way. 

You don’t necessarily need to have large desk space. Just make sure that you have enough room for your arms, and sitting front-on to your desk may not guarantee this.

Decrease your mouse sensitivity

By decreasing your mouse sensitivity, it will make it feel less strange to place your arm on the desk. In addition, it is not contributing to the aiming action when mouse sensitivity is high.

So if you experience sticky arms on your desk while gaming, lowering that sensitivity will force you to recruit your arm for aim movements. You will now get accustomed to focusing your arms on becoming comfortable with the new arm position.

This is especially helpful when you are just transiting from the conventional position of gaming to placing your forearm on the desk.

 And like I mentioned earlier, you should also consider what your table is made of.

Though I rarely see it, using a glass gaming desk or any desk with a grippy surface will definitely slow down your movement.

So in this case, you will have to change your table. Most gaming desks are designed with solid wooden materials.

Wrapping Up

The truth remains that there is no right or wrong answer to how much of your arm should be on the desk. What you should be more concerned about to stop your arm from sticking on the desk is the friction, mouse-pad size, desk surface, and your sitting posture.

All in all, I strongly recommend that your find a mouse-pad large enough to accommodate enough of your arm on the mouse-pad, such that your arm does not have contact with the desk surface.

Not only will that prevent your arm from sticking while gaming, but will also encourage fast movement and better aiming during gaming sessions.

I hope you found value in this post. If you have ever had to deal with your arms sticking to the desk while gaming, feel free to share in the comment section your experience and how this post might have helped you solve it. 

Thanks for reading.

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