Nokia Lumia 900 Review Roundup

Nokia’s ongoing struggles, specifically in the United States market, are well documented.  The company was a first-mover in the mobile sector, but since then they have been unable to match offerings from Apple ($AAPL), Samsung, and even BlackBerry ($RIMM).

For Nokia ($NOK), the future is now and they can’t afford any more mistakes if they want to capture a slice of the lucrative United States smartphone market.   Enter the Nokia Lumia 900, which is their newest flagship phone based on Microsoft’s ($MSFT) Windows OS.

So the reviews are in… did Nokia hit a slam dunk or is this another swing and a miss for the Finnish handset maker?


Edward C. Baig of USAToday calls the Lumia “A Bold Comeback Move”

“Against the iPhone and Android, Nokia faces formidable competition. But with an attractive price, refreshing operating system and a growing supply of apps, Nokia may be well on the way to crafting a compelling comeback story. (read more)

Steve Kovach of Business Insider: “Mediocre At Best”

“The most notable problem is the poor app selection.

Right now, you’ll find a handful of big-name apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace: Evernote, Twitter, Netflix, Foursquare, Spotify, and Facebook are all there. Other than that, it’s mostly junk. For example, a lot of smutty apps like “HD Babes Free” and knockoff games like “Tetris7” comprise the Marketplace’s most-downloaded lists. (read more)


Casey Johnston of ArsTechnica: “more than competent, and a better choice than many Android phones

“As a smartphone, the Lumia 900 is more than competent, and a better choice than many Android phones out there for the same price (if you aren’t tied into the ecosystem). On design, it certainly wins against most Android phones, even higher-end models, and it bests many on features. (read more)


Joshua Topolsky of “There are all these wonderful ideas at play, but it’s impossible to look past the nagging bugs and missing features.

“The specs are unremarkable, but performance on the phone was not. … I was very pleasantly surprised by the battery life. … Data performance was pretty awesome…when I was in range of LTE, of course. … Phone calls were crisp and clear. … I didn’t have a single dropped call.

Nokia made a lot of the right decisions, but it’s almost impossible to move beyond some of Windows Phone’s shortcomings. … There’s just too much missing, or too much that feels unfulfilling. (read more)


Walt Mossberg of “It’s Big, It’s Blue, It’s Windows, but Can It Beat Rival Phones?

“There were a few other issues. The Mac version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone syncing software wouldn’t recognize the Lumia 900, though the PC version did. The on-off button isn’t labeled, or easily distinguishable, from the dedicated camera button.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a $100, high-end smartphone, or are a Windows Phone fan who has been waiting for better hardware, the Lumia 900 is worth considering. But the phone had just too many drawbacks in my tests to best its chief competitors. (read more)




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