Which 2013 smartphone is the best for gaming?

Many kinds of games can be played on today’s smartphones. Some gamers may prefer to play role playing games on their phone. Others may prefer to play the popular word games. On the other hand, online casino games are the hands down preference for many other gamers. No matter which type of game is chosen, one thing remains the same and that is the need to have certain features to make a game a true gaming phone.
The i, which is Motorola’s current version of the trademark RAZR, is an ideal phone for gamers. The phone is unique in that Motorola partnered with Intel to design the device. Given this collaboration, the hardware found within the phone is cutting edge. For example, the processor in this phone is the Intel Atom Z2480 processor. With this powerful 2 GHz processor, the i is able to operate games quite well. When playing games online, there is little concern for slow play with a processor this powerful. The phone has the appropriate amount of RAM and can also work well when faced with Java plug-ins for gaming.
The display screen of the i has also been designed well for gaming. Measuring 4.3 inches, the display screen is a Super AMOLED Advanced display. With this sharp display, casino games at http://www.gamingclub.com/mobile-casino look stunning and the colours are bright and vivid. The device does come with an older version of the Android operating system, the 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, gamers should not let this deter them from purchasing this phone. Motorola will soon be providing an upgrade to a new version of the Android operating system. Another trend in smartphones is to make them thinner which make them even more portable. Motorola has done this by making the RAZR i measure only 7.1 mm in thickness.

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